Hippies With Duct Tape


See this Sweet Hippie Girl?


She really wanted to learn archery.  “Please, o please, o please, o please!!!” She begged.


How could we resist that?  So we signed her up at the local conservation league and she instantly proved to be a regular Katniss Everdeen.


After several weeks of using borrowed equipment we decided that she’d earned her own bow.  She was ecstatic, but you just can’t be TRULY awesome without a quiver for your arrows.

Since we are…. let’s call it “tightly budgeted,” once we bought the super-cool, tough-girl, complete-with-wildcat-scratch-marks, Tomcat bow there wasn’t enough left over for  a quiver.

What’s a Hippie Mama to do?

Well… if she was a truly on-the-ball blogger she’d have taken a bunch of pictures of the following process.  What can I say? I’m still learning.

Anyhoo… for about $3 you can get some very spiffy patterned duct tape.  Ironically, Sweet Hippie Daughter chose a pattern of pink peace signs to hold the ammunition for her weapon.

I dug an Ovaltine jar, an oatmeal box and a salt box from the recycling pile, cut the bottoms out of 2 of them and stacked them all up. I taped them together and stuffed a piece of a raggedy old Hannah Montana t-shirt in the bottom as cushioning.

I stretched 2 large rubberbands from top to bottom to make 4 compartments for keeping the arrows a little separated   I don’t know why this is important, because I know nothing about archery, but all the quivers I’ve seen at her classes have spaces like this.

Then, I wrapped the whole thing in duct tape and added a 2-sided duct tape strap (with a ribbon in the middle to help give me some structure to work from.


quiver furtherquiver close

quiver front

I’m glad she likes it.  Hooray!

Be a good hippie! Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Have a joyous week!  Meet you back here soon.

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If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve!


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