Please Eat More – My Earth Day Post (made from 95% recycled material)

I'm not sure she's going to be able to finish that piece of watermelon!

I’m not sure she’s going to be able to finish that piece of watermelon!

On Earth Day we hear a lot about recycling so I decided to recycle this post from last year… with a few updates, to keep things interesting.

When I look at my WordPress stats the one that consistently floors me is the little world map.  My humble little blog has been viewed by people in NINETY FIVE different countries!  That just completely stuns me.  What a world we live in!

Just a generation or two ago, being so effortlessly in communication with, literally, every part of the globe was unheard of!  Every day it is becoming increasingly easy to see how inter-connected the entire planet is.  My grandparents didn’t worry about pollution in China or over population in India or oil spills in Nigeria.  Modern technology has made us more aware that those things do affect us, just as our actions have an effect on everyone else. We cannot pretend to live in an isolated bubble.

That said…

I don’t know if my international readers have noticed this problem; I would love it if  you would take a moment to share. Americans are killing the Earth because we just don’t eat enough!

So today, on Earth Day, I’m asking you to please eat more.

OK. So maybe we Americans, chubby people that we are (as a nation. I know that many of you are perfectly fit and you should hold your healthy heads high!), get plenty to eat.  But we WASTE SO MUCH!!!  Did you know that, in 2004, researchers at the University of Arizona determined that 50% of the “ready to eat” food in the United States is thrown away?  Think about that!  HALF of the food produced in this  nation is thrown in the garbage!

Kinda makes you want to go dumpster diving, eh?  Oh. Right. Yeah. Me either. Gross.

My friend, Paul, will be mentally climbing into his pulpit to preach right now about the injustice of people starving in a nation that THROWS AWAY HALF of its food and he is absolutely positively for-ever-and-sure right to do so!  I am  standing strong with him on this one.

BUT that’s not what I’m getting at today.

Nor am I intending this to be a push for people to eat more “real” food, grow their own and buy local though I am 100% in support of all those things.

Today is Earth Day.  The day we randomly selected to pay respects to that big round ball (oblate spheroid – I’m a nerd. I admit it)  that God gave us dominion over.  And here’s what I’m thinking….

Living in rural Michigan I am surrounded by farms.  It’s easy for me to witness what it takes to make food.  There are trucks that haul seeds to a giant silo.  There are trucks that haul seeds to the farm.  There are tractors to til the earth and plant the seeds and spray pesticides & fertilizer on the plants and harvest the ripe food. There are trucks and trains that haul stuff to factories where it is produced into various pre-made dinners or sauces or juices or whatever or to the market where it needs to be sprayed with water or refrigerated or frozen. Then we buy it and DRIVE it home in our cars and more refrigeration or freezing is required before we cook it and eat it. And that’s not even considering the animals and their water and food and milking machines and fans for summer and heaters for winter…….   you get the idea.

BUT we only eat HALF!!!!  So all that gasoline, the poison sprays going into the ground, the electricity for storage and preparation is FOR NOTHING!  AAAARRRRGGHHHHHH!!!

Have you ever seen your child wasting food that you paid hard-earned money for?  Didn’t it make you crazy?  It drives me up the wall!  It is a serious, MAJOR pet peeve of mine.  But the truth is, I do it too. I buy too much produce and throw it away when it spoils.  I don’t feel like eating the tiny bit of leftover pot roast so I toss it in the trash.

Apparently, as a nation, we are ridiculously, sinfully guilty of this.

So today I’m simply asking you to take care of the Earth by doing what I ask my children to do.  Take all you want. But eat all you take!

And for goodness sake, ENJOY IT! 🙂

Chubby Hippie Baby (AKA: Captain Spaghetti Beard) is the poster child for enjoying your food.  He eats with GREAT enthusiasm.

Chubby Hippie Baby (AKA: Captain Spaghetti Beard) is the poster child for enjoying your food. He eats with GREAT enthusiasm.


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