The FacebookLove Blog Hop #1


I am so excited to have joined my first-ever Facebook Love Blog Hop!  I hope that you will join in the fun with me. I think you’ll find some amazing new blogs to fall in love with as well as increase your Facebook traffic!

Here is where I admit that, while I’m a decent typist, I’m  tech-challenged.  I’m fairly certain that my link-up isn’t exactly right. If anyone wants to tell me the secret mystery to making my post look  like the others’ in the linkup I would appreciate the tutorial! Use small words and short sentences.  Tech is not my 1st language.


Anyway… hop on in!  Click the picture, below to go straight to the linkup.

Here are the rules:

  1. Linkup your Blog’s Facebook page URL.
  2. LIKE‘ your host and co-hosts pages.
  3. Return the likes of other participants.
  4. Grab a Hop Button below and place it on your sidebar so others can join in.
Mommy Mentionables

Some Things to NOTE:

  • Like other FB pages from your PERSONAL profile. This important since Facebook does NOT count likes if you like a page from your PAGES.
  • We highly encourage you to return the like of everyone who has liked your page.
  • We recommend when liking a page, to please leave a comment on their page or send them a message that you are LIKING them from the FacebookLove Hop so you’re LIKE is not overlooked.
  • After the Hop, check your Facebook SPAM content – Go to Edit Page, Activity Log and Spam which is over on the left sidebar. Facebook is known to SPAM comments or messages from others if multiple comments or messages are sent in a short period of time.

Now on to the Hop!

FIRST Meet and ‘LIKE’ your Host and Co-hosts!

Mommy Mentionables (Host)

Momopolize (Co-Host)

Your co-hosts are the first 5-6 (labeled) spots on the link-up

And here we go!  (click here to linkup)


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