The Duct Tape Warriors


A quickie post for my fellow Kingdom Rock VBS leaders or anyone who suddenly finds themselves in need of a knight made out of sticks and duct tape…

If you are like me you thought the knight in the Decorating Places video was awesome but you weren’t quite sure how to build him.  I asked one of the guys at church to help me out by building me a scarecrow frame.  This is the picture I gave him, from Google Images:


It was the perfect shape but it was WAY too big!!!  We cut about a foot off each “arm” and each “leg.”  Then we used the pieces we cut off as feet so our knights could be freestanding.  This will give you a knight that is about 5’8″ at the shoulder… give or take an inch or two.

Then my sweet, kind, dear asbestos friend came over and we spent an evening giving the guys some shape with duct tape and card stock.  Having no plan, we were just winging it.  We did not stuff the card stock with any filler except in places like the elbow joints where it just seemed to need a little extra padding to maintain its shape.  In these pictures we were just getting started with the legs.



Then, we went nuts with the duct tape. We wrapped those boys up like mummies from head to foot.  I’m sure you could use foil as well but duct tape seemed sturdier and our knights will be at a festival and on a parade float before VBS even starts so they needed to be pretty strong.


We used a bucket and a small waste basket from the dollar store for heads.  The more silver knight got a poster board shield, taped to his arm and a pennant made from a bamboo garden stake and a red napkin.  The other guy has a fabric tunic – just a piece of fabric draped over him and stapled down the side, and a cardboard sword.  The design on his tunic is made from card stock and taped on.

both knights

Sir Maclemore

The Black Knight

We had great fun!  I hope you do too and I hope this was helpful for you.  If you’re doing Kingdom Rock and have pictures of your decorations to share please feel free to link up in the comments.

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  1. And I would add that you should not expect to finish them in one night, as your hands will get tired of ripping the duct tape. And posterboard might work better in some areas than card stock (but obviously, use whatcha got). And I don’t think I am that fat or my boobs are that droopy. I think the camera lies (except about about the awesomeness of the knights).

    And just so you know, the opening line “Ya wanna come over and make knights out of duct tape?” might not work on everyone 😉

    • Let’s see… The one night thing is a good point. At least 2-3 sessions of a couple hours each will save your fingers. Agree completely about the poster board. It would have been especially nice for the torso. You have lovely breasts. I don’t associate with anyone who wouldn’t have a positive response to that invitation. Those people just aren’t any fun.

    • Aw, shucks. You too! 🙂 Hey – here’s something you’ll appreciate. Not long ago I ate something that left me feeling a bit bloated. At bedtime I was reading my daughter a story and passed gas. My daughter covered her face and said, “Dude! It’s like the Blogger of Eternal Stench!” I guess that move, Labyrinth, really made an impression! LOL

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