How Hard Can It Be To Make a Quick No-GMO Meal?



I live in a small town. Our food shopping choices are a family owned grocery that carries just the basics and has a small deli and meat counter or Dollar General.  There are no supermarkets here.  Once or twice a month we’ll trek 25 minutes down the road to the bigger small town and load up on groceries at Meijer.

We are a day away from shopping day and, while we have an abundance of zucchini and cherry tomatoes from the garden we are woefully short on staples. No bread, no tortillas, no flour to make bread or tortillas. We are out of eggs, pasta, beans and rice. The meat in the freezer has been used up. Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard is bare!

What can I say? It’s been a busy month!

This morning my fabulous, loyal, loving family helped me clean up from VBS. We got home at noon. Everyone was starving. Handsome Hippie Hubby had 1 hour before he had to go to work.  I wanted to give him a few minutes to relax.  “I’ll go to the store and get something quick for lunch,” I said.

Easy enough, right?

Except that I had committed us to a 100% GMO free diet. (A future blog post about that when we’re a little further down that road).  This basically means that, unless it is specifically labeled as “organic” or “non-GMO” there can’t be any corn or soy in anything I buy. Also, no animal products that come from animals who ate GMO corn or soy… which would be anything not specifically labeled “organic” or bought from a local farmer who can tell me what the animal ate. Anything with sugar has to be “organic” or specifically labeled as cane sugar since most other sugar comes from GMO sugar beets.

OK…. so I have to be aware of 3 items plus animal products…  but HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO MAKE A QUICK NO-GMO MEAL?

I headed to Dollar General because I needed dog food and it’s significantly cheaper there.

Plan A: I’ll get a can of vegetarian baked beans, some good bread and some applesauce.  It’s a little bit of a weird combination, but it’s super fast and easy and everyone in the house will eat it.

Except: Dollar General was out of vegetarian baked beans.  Regular baked beans all have bacon.

I’m flexible. I can deal.

Plan B: Vegetarian refried beans and tortillas.

Except: Every brand of flour tortillas they sold had soybean oil, corn syrup, corn starch  or a combination of those..


Plan C: Spaghetti! Everyone loves spaghetti!

Except: Every brand of spaghetti sauce there had corn starch or sugar.

Plan C: PB & J

Except: Every brand of bread had soybean oil or corn syrup. Every brand of peanut butter had sugar.

Well… poop!  Forget it! I’ll go to the little grocery store.

So I paid for my dog food and zipped down the road 2 miles to the other end of town where they did have vegetarian baked beans… made with corn starch.

Alright. Now I’m getting a little frustrated!

Plan D: I’ll just buy a dozen eggs and make scrambled eggs and serve them with fruit.

Except: While they did have white eggs and brown eggs, small eggs and large eggs and even cage free eggs, there were no organic eggs.

I’ve now spent over half of my husband’s available free time trying to find something I can feed the poor man before I send him in to work.

I ended up with a pile of fruit for fruit salad.

Every day I am becoming more aware of how important it is to be  knowledgeable about what you are putting into your body every day!  Those 3 items – corn, soy and sugar – are in more than 80% of all packaged food in the US! Did you know you (if you are like the average American consumer) are eating the same things 3 meals a day?

How hard can it be to make a quick no-GMO meal?MP900387869

If you’re looking for something in a can or box it can be very nearly impossible.

On the other hand, there really isn’t anything faster, easier or healthier than fresh fruit.   Lesson learned!

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

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If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve!  


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  1. for shame! you feed your dog on gmo! (I guarantee every dog food sold in your tiny town has corn as a main ingredient). But hey,I do the same. lol. I’ve recently started to try to do significantly more organic food, but I am not commuting to 100 percent. I just don’t think we can afford it. and my family is already mad at me for most dinners. Do you have any struggles with getting yours to try new things? or atleast eat more fruits an veggies instead of pasta, bread and potatoes?

    • Yes. Poor Joey-dog. Alas, he does get the GMOs.

      We haven’t gone 100% organic, but about a week ago we agreed to no more GMOs. We realize it’s unavoidable when we go out or eat at church potlucks and such but we’re going to give it our best shot at home. The only way we can afford that is for me to plan ahead and do LOTS more “homemade” than I have done in the past. I’ll write about it once I have a few weeks under my belt and I can speak with a little more experience.

      Hubby is pretty easy to satisfy. Half the time he’s juice fasting so I don’t have to feed him at all. He’s actually done long stretches (before I met him) on nothing but raw fruits, veggies & nuts and other things like that. The baby eats everything… bugs, sand, sticks. He’s very organic! ROFLOL! It’s the older kids that I have the hardest time with.

      I always try to make every meal with one or two things I know they like but I insist on at least one reasonable-sized bite of every dish at every meal (unless it’s very spicy or something they are very sensitive to). Often they say they hate something but they find that they only hate it prepared in certain ways. Sometimes less is more: I used to try lots of really fancy recipes to get them to eat things and one day realized that they prefer most veggies raw. I’m ok with that! Less work for me! It has been especially true since we’ve had the garden this year. They are all pretty content to eat anything that comes out of our own garden. I even got my picky teenager to try asparagus (and he had seconds)! They all still fixate on the carbs, though. I think all kids do. It must be something with their quick-growth. Maybe they need the extra energy. They also seem happier when they have something to dunk their food into. Veggie dip, ranch, ketchup, sour cream…. it doesn’t really seem to matter what it is. What can I say? They were doomed to weirdness. It’s in their genes! hahaha

      • Gah, see you have it easy on the hubby front. he is my most resistant, which of course makes the kids leery of anything new and/or healthy. my older two kids are picky on what they even like to do into to, but ketchup pretty much goes with everything in their opinion (yuck! But to each their own I guess). the preschooler will eat almost anything as long as he gets a dip, and like yours, anything will do for a dip too. the baby prefers to get her calories in liquid form, but will surprise us once in awhile and go nuts at dinner time ( she ate 3 helpings of eggplant lasagna the other night!) I’m anxious to read your future post on this topic! I have started making yogurt again ( although not with organic milk, lol) and I do English muffins from scratch once in awhile ( way way better than store bought). as far as organic I am mainly trying to stick with fresh fruit and veg as much as I can. I haven’t done organic eggs yet, but we did switch to the omega 3 kind. we have a couple of places close to us that sell fresh eggs, but the chickens aren’t pastured and I can’t see spending the extra for something that’s not really better quality. I do have a friend who lives an hour or so away that we occasionally get organic pasturedeggs from, and they are unbelievable as far as taste and even appearance. far far superior to supermarket eggs! ( hence my want of chickens of our own!). someday

  2. My kids…well, they’re more than leery of my real food adventures. The Mr. is on board so that is a bonus. My budget, well, it varies on it’s compatibility with organic eating. Great post! Can’t wait to check out more of your blog!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Eating organic can strain the budget, it’s true. Luckily we don’t have any die-hard carnivores in the house so I don’t have to buy a whole lot of meat. Replacing our meat with eggs and beans is the only way we can afford to eat this way.

  3. It is almost impossible to find foods without all of the additives. So frustrating. I have tried to stay away from as much processed foods as I can. If I get organic that helps, but it is so expensive. Good luck!!

    • It is frustrating, for sure! Our budget gets tight too. We almost never buy meat and we’ve cut way back on dairy because organic costs so much more. We eat a lot more rice, beans and eggs than we used to. Even so, I’m not sure we could do it without the “free” veggies we get from our garden.

  4. I so get what you’re saying about the tortillas. I spent over an hour one day at our local store looking at tortilla labels for ANYTHING non-GMO. I didn’t even find one. I love that you’re trying to do non-GMO. Ultimately, that’s my goal too. One thing at a time I guess.

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