The Real Me Is Really Lazy


Hey! That’s me!

I read this great post yesterday. It was lovely and real and inspiring.  Go ahead and read it. I’ll still be here when you get back…

Done? Well, then you see where I’m going with this.

I have a confession, too.

I’m pretty lazy.

Sometimes when I say that, or when I tell people the name of my blog, people scoff.  “You?! You do SO MUCH!”

I’m always a little surprised by that reaction.

I do as little as possible.

I mean, I do stuff.  I work and volunteer and putter in the garden. I’m not in a coma or anything, but I’m no superwoman by any stretch of the imagination!

The post, above, made me realize that, when blogging (or Facebooking, Tweeting, etc) it’s very easy to make it sound like we have it all together.  I could post something like this:

“Today I did all my chores, went to work, visited my elderly neighbor AND kept the kids alive. I’m a rockstar!”

Doesn’t that sound like a great, productive, busy day?  Don’t you just wish you were as awesome as me?

But it’s only part of the picture.  In that post I didn’t mention that neither child has had a bath in 3 days or that “all my chores” did not include scrubbing my jam-smeared kitchen floor or weeding the overgrown garden, simply because I choose not to include those things on my to-do list for the day. My elderly neighbor fed us lunch so I didn’t have to cook that meal and I only work for 3 hours a day most times.

I could just as easily have posted, “spent the first 2 hours of my day Pinning. Took a 3 hour nap after lunch. Failed to mail out my jury duty registration (ugh!).”

Why am I sitting when all those people behind me are standing? Because lazy people rarely stand if there is another option.

Why am I sitting when all those people behind me are standing? Because lazy people rarely stand if there is another option.

I’m not trying to be deceitful when I post things. I’m just trying to share the parts of my life that I’m happiest about. These are the parts that seem fun and interesting to me. They are the things that I like to focus on and the things that I think may be slightly more interesting.

Also, I’ve made great progress in becoming the “Proverbs 31 woman” I want to be. If you’re not familiar, Proverbs 31 is where the “ideal” woman is described in the Bible.  This lady gets up early, works all day, runs her own business, feeds her family, teaches her children, manages her home, and keeps herself looking good the whole time.  (A man wrote the description.)  I have a long way to go to be like her, but I am further down the path than I used to be and it’s exciting for me to share those successes.

What’s the point of all this?

My point is: be encouraged!

Even my dog is lazy.

Even my dog is lazy.

When you see all those perfectly organized shelves on Pinterest or read the blog about the homeschool mom with 12 kids who are all achieving above grade level or come across the Tweet that says, “I just finished my daily 12 mile run. #feelinggreat,” you can know that those people are simply sharing the things in their lives they are most proud of.  They don’t want to mention that their toilet is filthy or they spent the morning yelling at their child or they overdrew their checking account for the 3rd time in a month because they’re just bad about writing things down in the register.

We all have faults.

A good friend I used to work with quoted to me daily, “success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

It can be a long road but like April says in her post, “I love what I do and Thanks be to my God, His mercies are new every single morning. That means I can go to bed at night knowing that I get a fresh start tomorrow.”

Keep focused on your success instead of your failure and you may find that the journey is a tad less wearying.

But if you do get worn out, I suggest an all-afternoon-long nap.  I find them delightfully refreshing.

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

Why not follow LazyHippieMama on WordPress, by email or Facebook to get all the updates.

If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve!  


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  1. this does make me feel better as I sit here reading this still in my pj’s ( but hey I only got up a little over an hour ago and I usually dont change out of them till the little ones do their afternoon nap. unless my husband had the day off, then I like to pretend I have it together a little more for his sake). I read somewhere once, not to compare your real life to someone else’s highlight reel ( which is what social media really is), but I lose sight of that a lot and it makes me feel like a failure. so it really surprises me when people praise me for things that I think are mundane, or just less than fantastic. I should probably try to praise myself more for the things I do accomplish. thank YOU for always being an inspiration!

  2. Your kids smell like goats! But I still love them, and your lazy dog, and you. I plan to ride my bike/garage sale, do a load of dishes, a load of laundry (not together), sweep, and go to work. I won’t get all those things done. That makes me very sad.
    FYI–I have mixed results from naps. Maybe that is because I feel guilty and weak for needing one. Maybe that is why I do not get enjoyment from them.

  3. I never strive for perfection, this takes a great huge load of stress off my shoulders. I don’t make lists either, this also relieves stress and guilt. I have other great stress relievers, I cut all my hair off years ago, this way bedhead is actually my ‘look’, no one knows whether I forgot to comb it or it is the mused up look of the day. I don’t wear make-up, ever so no need to worry. Yoga pants are my uniform, unless I meeting with a client, in which case black slacks and a white shirt with a sweater is my uniform (makes picking what to wear much easier).

    Thankfully, house cleaning is far easier these days with children grown and gone.

    I think you have given some great insights. You are absolutely correct!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed my three hour nap yesterday. Doesn’t happen too often but obviously I needed one!!! And I am totally sitting here on the couch in my PJ’s while little dude is watching tv.. We all have a little lazy in us 😉

  5. Good heavens did I crack up. I have many lazy days myself. Sometimes I even make the children bathe themselves and pack their own lunches all under the guise that “I am helping them be productive adults”. Here’s hoping! And here’s to adding some more money to their therapy fund, just in case!!!

  6. I am the goddess of lazy. It’s good to know that I am not alone! I am a little weird because I have my lazy days and my good days but when the lazy days do appear, nothing happens and usually will last for a couple of days. Then I start feeling awful for being lazy and good days take over.

  7. So so so so so (is that enough so’s?) TRUE!! Love this post! We all post what we are most proud of! Not many of us ( I will admit to a few of them lol) post how awful we did that day lol it just doesn’t seem like as much fun to tell people the truth! lol

  8. I have been homeschooling for only a few months and appreciate your honesty. When I read homeschool blogs, see the beautiful school rooms, read the schedules, see the pics of all the activities,etc…I feel inadequate! It’s refreshing to read your blog!

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