Elephants In The Yard


In life, many things are relative.

You know how, sometimes, you think you have a problem and then you see someone else’s life and think, “Dang! My issues aren’t so big after all!”

It’s the old story of, “I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

For example, I sometimes get really down on myself because I’m not a great housekeeper. Then I watch “Hoarders” and realize that my place is a showroom by comparison!

This morning I read this story about a couple that moved to a house in a brand new neighborhood that had been built where there was once (just a few months ago) a large woods.  The remaining part of the forest abuts their yard.  They are horrified that there are animals on their property. A raccoon came up onto the deck and a deer pooped in the yard.

"Wait! There are DEER in the woods?!"

“Wait! There are DEER in the woods?!”

Ah! The horror!  Animals in the woods!

OK… I didn’t have much sympathy to start with since A) raccoons and deer in my yard sounds lovely to me and B) These people are living in one of the wealthiest parts of the entire world. This leads me to believe that they are not dirt poor and trapped by circumstance and I’m sure they could find any number of solutions to their “problem.”  Like moving to… oh… I don’t know… NOT the woods.

Then, this afternoon, I read this story about a new baby elephant.  She was born to one of the females in “Indonesia’s Flying Squad.”  This is a small group of well-trained Sumatran elephants and their handlers “which are deployed to drive back wild elephants into the forest when they stray into nearby villages or farms.”  Apparently, in that part of the world, elephants wandering into populated areas is quite the issue in public safety.

Image from www.worldlife.org. She's SO CUTE!

Image from http://www.worldlife.org.
She’s SO CUTE!

I couldn’t help it.

I giggled out loud.

I thought of the DC yuppies.  I pictured them putting on their brand new golf outfits and heading  out to the shiny BMW in the driveway only to find a massive pile of elephant poop on the front walk.  “Honey! The darn elephants trampled on the Hydrangeas again!”

Stop fretting about the little stuff in life.  It’s all relative.

Have a joyous weekend, my friends!

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This post was featured at This Momma's Ramblings Show Off Weekend Blog Hop!

This post was featured at This Momma’s Ramblings Show Off Weekend Blog Hop!


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  1. I laughed at this because I took pictures of a deer in my flower beds last year eating the bulbs I planted the day before. Seems they liked them and I had no flowers. I planted more a few days later and this time I put blood meal over them because my stepdad told me the deer don’t like that. The next morning I got up and he was right I guess but our dog had dug up all 100 bulbs. Seems the deer must have watched while she was feasting on the blood meal.

  2. Ah, that’s terrific. I totally want the house with the animals! Although we did have a raccoon on our roof, which was actually a bit alarming as they can carry disease and all. We got rid of it with a loud radio. I also had to scrub its pee off our deck. But, hey, it was cool to see it! We showed the kids. 🙂

  3. Last year I watched a coyote (who I almost mistook for a german shepard based on size and how…um…rotund he was, but it was most def a coyote) ran down our road. And we don’t really live in the “woods,” but Seattle is pretty populated with patches of trees and land for such animals to exist. Like raccoons who, once, Boof accidentally let into his parent’s house. Eek. But seriously, seeing nature is cool. Maybe they should learn a lesson and train one of those deer to beat back those other pesky deer?

  4. I am right with you. Animals are part of nature. Around here, a bobcat has just been discovered and I know the public is going to go nuts and demand that all bobcats be removed from this area. We have coyotes and people are always up in arms. A bear came last year and it was huge news. Now a bobcat. Elephants would really be something!

    • Yes, I think too many times people fail to remember that the animals have lived there a very long time and they don’t understand that we don’t want them in the flower beds. They just see food and shade. A bear would be pretty scary. They are so strong! A friend of mine had one rip a hole right into the side of her mobile home! Yipe!

  5. The baby is cute. 🙂 And you’re so right, most things really are just little things. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting & subscribing. I signed up for your e-mail subscription too. 🙂

  6. I’m not even sure there’s raccoons in my Country, except in a zoo perhaps (!) but they are definitely not in my yard. I would love them to be, deers too and especially baby elephants as they are my favourite. I’ll just have to make do with my own dogs and cats, neighbouring cats (our garden is party central with our three feline girlies living here already) and tiny field mice (aka the cats toys!) x

    • That’s probably a good thing. Raccoons are adorable but they are FAR too smart and fearless for their own good! We went camping recently and they opened the closed, clipped-shut, cookie container and ate all our sweets! Still… an elephant in the campsite would have been a bigger mess, I sure! 🙂

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