Reading Eggs Online Curriculum



Sometimes the timing of things just seems providential.

Earlier this week I wrote, asking what readers thought about schooling 3-year-olds and the response seemed pretty overwhelming that it’s a good idea to provide very young children with plenty of opportunity to learn at their own pace in fun ways that encourage preschoolers to use a variety of skills and senses.

Just a day or two after posting that I learned about Reading Eggs.  Reading Eggs is an online reading curriculum  for children ages 3-12. It was created by a team of teachers and web developers who sought to teach reading using online instruction and the instinctive touch controls on modern mobile devices. More than 500 interactive games make reading extra fun for children.

For the youngest readers games use nursery rhymes and letter recognition and the skill levels increase for older children, focusing more on comprehension and vocabulary development.

Reading Eggs has presented more than 15 million lessons in North America in the past 2 years or so and if you sign up THIS WEEKEND, you can take advantage of a great deal being brought to you by Reading Eggs and US Family Guide. By following the link you will receive a FREE FIVE-WEEK TRIAL (no credit card required).  This offer is ONLY GOOD UNTIL MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30!


After Monday you can still sign up for a free 2 week trial.

I am going to check out Reading Eggs for my preschooler and my fourth grader and I’ll let you know what kind of results we achieved after a few weeks.

* Please note that this is a sponsored post. Reading Eggs/US Family Guide are offing my family compensation in the form of free merchandise/products/services in return for our honest review.


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