The October Daily: Why I Blog (5 Reasons)


I’m impulsive. Those crappy, useless items in the checkout lane that annoy you? Yeah. They put those there just for me. They know I’ll instantly decide that what I NEED more than anything in the world at that moment is a pink lighter with a laser pointer that makes a little heart shape even though I don’t smoke or use laser pointers.

So when I saw, this morning, that Mrs. Tee at Love, Life, Laughter had joined a 30 day daily blog challenge I thought, “Hey! That’s a great idea! It would keep me focused every day for a whole month!”  Did it phase me that it was October 1st when I learned of it? Nah. I’ve got it all under control. *wink wink*

Today’s challenge: 5 reasons why I blog.

1) I love to write.  I’ve loved it since I was a child. The words and thoughts, ideas questions and exclamations get all tangled in my brain. They vie for space and make me feel claustrophobic.  Getting them out is a great relief. It is a joy to put my thoughts to paper (or computer, as the case may be).

2) I love to make money doing things I love.  Up until now I’ve barely dipped my tiny toe into the pool of being an earning blogger but it’s beginning to come together and the idea that I could make some extra cash doing something I love to do (on the sofa, in my PJs) is just too joyous to comprehend.

3) My kid thinks I’m a famous writer.  In our town of 2,000 people, the librarian recognized me one day. “Hey! You’re the Lazy Hippie Mama!”  Sweet Hippie Daughter was blown away to be in the presence of celebrity as great as mine.  Now I HAVE to blog or risk letting down my most precious fan.

4) The community is a delight. I didn’t expect, going in, that blogging would be so very social.  After all, when one is spewing out random thoughts on the sofa in her PJs at 4 am she doesn’t feel like much of an extrovert.  However, I have encountered some truly wonderful people through blogging that I would have never known otherwise. They’ve helped me expand my worldview, learn about new things, and encouraged me through my own rough patches.

5) There’s a chance the things I write could make a difference.  If I can convince a reader or two to start recycling, plant a patio garden, perform a random act of kindness or stand up for peace… well… what better reason could there be?

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

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If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve!  


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  1. I love this: If I can convince a reader or two to start recycling or start a patio garden. That’s exactly how I feel about my blog. If I can enlighten a reader or two, then it’s worth it.

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