October Daily: Rainy Days and This Day In Photos


I’m trying to keep up. Really I am.  But this is turning into sort of “The October semi-Daily” for me.

Sorry about that!

Still, I’m enjoying it very much! I love the creativity of having to think up fun ways to answer each day’s challenge.

So, day 11 was this: What are the things you love to do during rainy days?

Oh! I love to sleep!

Jim Gaffigan once said, “I love sleeping so much I dream about napping.”

Yup. That’s me.

I’ve always felt that way but now that I have children who seem to make it one of their life goals to deny me sleep, I am that much more passionate about my favorite hobby.

Normally, when it’s gorgeous, or even “just OK,” outside I feel guilty for not taking my kids out into the wide world to experience life in all it’s glory.

But when it’s rainy…

Snuggle up everybody! It’s nap time!

Alas, today was a stunner.  It was warm and sunny and absolutely gorgeous so no naps were in store for this lazy mama.

Which brings me to Day 12: Your day in photos.

OK. So… it was gorgeous, but it was also Saturday, which meant that we all got off to a slow start.


2Eventually, though we did get up and moving and headed out to the garden.  For 2 weeks now, we’ve been saying, “we need to get the garlic into the ground before first frost!”

In our area, gardeners say you can expect frost any time after October 15 so the clock was ticking, but I’m happy to say our little garlic patch is all tucked in for winter as of today.

While Sweet Hippie Daughter and I were working on that project we came across a rare treasure:  a real red ladybug!

These sweet girls used to flourish here, when I was a child but, sadly, they succumbed to the massive amounts of pesticides used by farmers and the rest of us who choose to live in a drained swamp but don’t want to deal with bugs. (Humans are weird.)  I haven’t seen a red ladybug in 2 or 3 years  A new, hardier, breed of ladybug was introduced to the area to keep the aphids under control and they do a fine job but their dull orange shells just aren’t as pretty and they tend to give a nasty little nip from time to time, so we were happy to have this girl in our garden!

One last note about this next group of photos:  I’m not sure why I look like a weed-wielding maniac here.  I must have been feeling vicious toward the ever-invading ivy or something!




Major project #2 was turning a ginormous bucket of quickly-turning grapes into jars of delicious juice before the fruit flies took over the house and drove us out to live in the garden with the little red ladybug!

I truly love the smell of these, simmering on the stove, though it makes me crave Hubba Bubba Bubblegum.

Before (Ew! Is that a stink-bug crawling on the rim of the bucket? Hmmm…. didn’t see him until just now.  I wonder where he ended up?!):




And then it was time to have dinner and wrap up the day.

I love reading to my kids! I may love it even more than napping.

Toddler-saurus Rex always gets to choose a little stack of stories before bed and, after he’s tucked in, I read something more advanced to Sweet Hippie Daughter.  Right now we are about 1/2 way through “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie,” and we are both loving the intrigue and silliness as well as the great vocabulary the heroine has.  We’ve both learned some new words from this one!

I almost didn’t include this picture because I’m looking a little too “real life” but… well… it was  a real life sort of day.


And there you have it.  My day in photos.  It wasn’t a terribly exciting day, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

Why not follow LazyHippieMama on WordPress, by email, Facebook or Twitter to get all the updates.

If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve! 



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