Reading Eggs Online Reading Curriculum Review



Since we started home-schooling I’m always on the looking for great ideas for teaching.  When Reading Eggs offered their 5 week free trial for their online reading curriculum I was happy to give it a try!

The website is divided into 2 separate sections: there is “Reading Eggs” for children ages 3-6 and “Reading Eggspress” for children ages 7-13.

Sweet Hippie Daughter just turned 9 and she’s always been a good reader so we jumped right into the “eggspress” program with her.

She LOVED it!

In fact, she enjoyed it so much she was constantly asking to put off her other school work to do Reading Eggs instead.  She had the opportunity to create an avatar and build a little apartment for her, using eggs she earned by reading, taking tests, writing book reports and playing reading, spelling and vocabulary-related games.

The selection of books in the “library” was great. They were perfectly age appropriate and covered a massive variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction.  She read 11 chapter books in 2 weeks!  Each book incorporated a little quiz at the end.  I was not able to see the individual questions and answers, but I could check to see what percentage of questions she was answering correctly so I know how much of the material she’s truly understanding.

The games were fun and engaging for her and being able to see that she’s “hitting targets” and “earning eggs” was a great motivation for her.

I would happily recommend this program for any elementary age child.  If they are struggling I believe that it would provide the motivation they need to keep trying and if they are excelling it will be an enjoyable way for them to continue to expand and improve their skills.

Toddler-saurus Rex is only 2 1/2 so, technically, he’s not old enough for the program yet.  However, since he already knows his letters and loves to be read to, I created a profile for him and sat down with him to show him how to play.

He struggled with the mechanics of working the computer.  His motor skills really aren’t yet developed enough to be able to move the mouse and click with accuracy.  However, when I helped him he was thrilled to sit on my lap and play the games.

After a single session he began making the connection between the letters and their assigned sounds!  Needless to say I was impressed.

I think that it may be easier for him to navigate the game on our tablet and look forward to exploring the new Reading Eggs Mobile App with him.

When our trial is up I will definitely be willing to purchase the ongoing membership for both children to continue learning and developing their language skills in such a fun way!


* Please note that this is a sponsored post, though all opinions offered are honest expressions of our experiences. Reading Eggs/US Family Guide are offing my family compensation in the form of free merchandise/products/services in return for our review.

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