The October Daily: Citrus Blossoms, Cigarette Smoke and That Newborn Baby Smell


Name at least 3 scents that trigger a good or bad memory.

When my husband and I first fell in love the orange blossoms were in full bloom in Arizona and the desert air was saturated with the heavy perfume of the citrus trees. It has to be the smell of heaven!

If you’ve never smelled citrus blossoms, imagine being wrapped in a silk blanket, still warm from the dryer while sipping the freshest, coolest, sweetest orange juice you’ve ever tasted.  Now soak that in a heavy dose of young love and you will know why that is my most favorite scent in the whole world.

young couple with sorcerer Mickey

We look so…. young!

Vintage ad for Wonder Woman and Spiderman Underoos underwear for kids

The second scent that comes to mind is cigarette smoke.  Other people say they hate it but, to me, it is the scent of home.  My parent divorced when I was quite young but, before that, we had a beautiful big farm house. My older sister hadn’t left for college yet. I spent my days playing Wonder Woman in my Underoos in the back yard. Life was good and safe and pure and it smelled like my dad’s cheap cigarettes and I loved that. I still do!

The third is lavender baby lotion.  It was the scent of my sweet, beautiful newborn baby girl’s soft skin and I spent countless hours holding her, marveling at her perfectly formed little face and breathing in that scent.

Newborn baby girl all wrapped in her warm blanket and sleeping sweetly.

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      • Vomit= the time I was very pregnant while working as a school secretary. A student came in and vomited on the office floor. I got out of there as quickly as possible, telling the principal that he was on his own for cleaning it up! (Small private school, no janitor.)
        Roses= my beloved college roommate had a heavenly rose perfume that she graciously let me use on occasion. I was very sad when the bottle was empty.
        Vanilla= as in the baking kind–when my sister and I would bake together growing up. We loved to smell the bottle and were so disappointed when we finally took the plunge and tasted it directly, only to discover the taste was nothing like that delicious smell!

        BTW, I’m happy for you that you have a “big girl blog” now, as in, no longer word press, but it makes me sad that I can’t “like” your posts, thereby letting you know I was here. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to prove my faithfulness by commenting. Know that I’m always here (watching! Allllllllways watching! Haha!). So don’t forget about me. 😉

      • Ha! I had the same experience tasting vanilla. I still get tempted, even knowing better. How can something that smells that delicious taste that aweful?! Thanks for reminding me about the “like” button. Funnygurl2 pointed that out and I meant to add it and forgot. I think it’s there now. Yeah for orange stars! 🙂 That reminds me… she and I were talking the other day about how we would love to go to a bloggy conference except then we’d have to be social which sounds awful… except we would like to have drinks with you and Angela from halfpastnormal. Then we decided we all need to forget the conference and just have drinks! 😉

      • Haha! I’m totally there! Honored to be thought of and included. Plus, if we had drinks, that would certainly help with the being social part after a while! 🙂 I’m visiting friends in Ann Arbor sometime next summer. At least that’s the plan, anyway. If you’re anywhere near Ann Arbor, we should get that drink. Oh, and I would want to see that cool store you posted about, like, a year ago. You know the place I mean!

      • Funnygurl and I both live in the Ann Arbor neighborhood. Keep in touch when your trip gets closer and we’ll see what we can hook up! I do know the place you mean. Orchid Lane. If you Google them you’ll find them pretty quickly. They’re right downtown and it’s one of those places all the locals know. Aw… now I want to go there! Hmmm…. no plans tomorrow…

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