The October Daily: I Can’t Believed You Lived This Long Not Knowing This!


Day 20: “Show Us What’s In Your Bag!”

Your life may have been meaningless, up until now but after this post you will have hope again.  Or… well… no… probably not. But you’ll know how often I don’t clean out my bag so maybe you’ll feel better about yourself.

I found, in there, approxmately 642 old receipts, the last 3 Sunday’s worth of church bulletins and Sunday School coloring sheets and 3 batteries that may or may not be used.

What's In Your Bag?

Also in my bag:

my little red kit of Stuff A Mom Should Have (bandaids, lip-gloss, a few feminine products, a powder compact, etc),

2 board books, 2 plastic board games, and a fake cookie,

3 pens (though no paper, which is odd because I usually carry a little notebook.  Tiny hands must have been in there during church this morning!),

4 disposable diapers (I try not to make the nursery people deal with cloth), though no wipes because we only have one package and I had to use them earlier today.  I couldn’t really tell you why I thought the boy would need 4 diapers in the 2 hours we were gone this morning.   I guess I just wanted to be extra prepared.

Safety pins which I used to hold together a fabric castle on a float I helped build… in July.  (Hey! I told you I don’t clean the bag out very often!)

Scotch tape from wrapping a gift in the car last weekend.

And approximately 1,000 hair bands in case an entire fleet of girls have pony tail emergencies.

Notably missing are snacks, a bib, a change of clothes for Toddler-saurus Rex and any substantial amount of money.

Hmmm…. seems like I should start carrying something more interesting just in case someone ever asks again, “what’s in your bag?”

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