October Daily: What A Guy!


October Daily, Day 26: Enumerate the ways that a guy can win your heart.

My heart can’t be won. It is already owned, 100% forever and totally, by my Handsome Hippie Hubby.

I can tell you how he won me over…

First of all, he didn’t have to work very hard. I had a serious crush on him for a long time. He was a bartender in Tombstone, AZ when I met him and he was all charming smiles and big black Stetson and he did the whole Tom Cruise “Cocktail” thing; flipping bottles through the air and spouting clever poetry from atop the bar.  Every woman in town was half in love!

When he finally looked out over the sea of admirers and saw the plain, chubby Polish girl in the back (well… more like a friend who knew about my crush forced him to pay attention) I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

But when I got to know him, his real self was even better than I’d imagined!

On our first date we talked for hours, dreaming about a ranch where the deer and the antelope roam.

On the next date (the next day) he wrote me poetry.

About a week later I was in a parade (my employer had a float) and he ran out to me as I passed the main four corners of town and gave me flowers in front of the whole town.

Once we reached the, “I love you. I want to be with you for always,” stage of things (it didn’t take long. Our first date was in October. We were engaged in December.) he told me every single day that he loved me and that he thought I was beautiful.

12 years later he still tells me.

Carpenter Farms 2013

Being silly together at the pumpkin farm

He is endlessly patient with my faults. He is kind to me and to others. He listens to my crazy ideas and has never once told me I was crazy. He believes it is “the man’s job” to take the trash out and wash the dishes after a holiday meal.  He brought with him two of the most wonderful, beautiful, bright, witty children I’ve ever known. He helped me make 2 more little miracles.  He loves them all with his whole heart.

He prays for our family.

He may not be perfect, but he is absolutely perfect for me.

How could this guy not have my heart?  He is the man of my dreams, even when we are both awake.  I am blessed beyond measure!

Carpenter Farms Pumpkins photo op

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    • Thank you! Hubby is a truly good man. We have our ups and downs but I have never doubted that he was a gift from God.

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