GMOs? What GMOs? (Confessions From A Hippie On Halloween)


In the past, I’ve written about how easy and perfectly normal it is to share only the very best parts of ourselves in our blogs and social media (the other confessional post).  After all, those are the parts we are proud of, excited about, and want to shout from the rooftop. But they are not the whole story. So in the spirit of honest disclosure I am sharing a few confessions with you.

I will over eat today and it will likely be nothing but junk and I will love every single minute of it.  I am going into this day knowing that there are at least a half dozen Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in the world with my name on them and I will enjoy every one of those chemical filled, GMO laden treats along with every bit of Laffy Taffy that comes my ways and at least one handful of Twizzlers.

The love of chocolate is deeply ingrained in my family's DNA.

The love of chocolate is deeply ingrained in my family’s DNA.

I’m not proud.  I am fully aware that the chocolate industry is a human rights nightmare.  I know that modern candy is a chemistry experiment, dipped in paint and covered in the bright red guts of squished bugs (it’s true, you know.  Google, “cochineal” if you don’t believe me!).  The wrappers will end up in landfills where they will sit, never rotting, for a million years.

Who says romance is dead? Oh wait...

Who says romance is dead? Oh wait…

I’m going to eat the candy anyway.

In the midst of this sugar-crazed binge we will probably order a pizza which we will wash down with soda. I will be moaning with the deliciousness of that cheesy gooeyness.

And it’s not just that…

I will scare Toddler-saurus Rex at least once.  It’s not nice. But it’s kind of funny.

It’s a fair guess that I’ll lose my temper at least once.  The weather is awful (which means we will be trapped indoors most of the time), my kids will be wound up. There will be free-flowing amounts of sugar and food dye.  This is a recipe for at least one kid (or possibly an adult) getting in big trouble sometime in the next 16 hours.

I will pridefully go into the world believing in my heart of hearts that my kids, in their funny little costumes, are cuter than everyone else’s kids.  Don’t tell me you don’t feel the same way about yours. I won’t believe you.

I mean... just look at all that cuteness!

I mean… just look at all that cuteness!

And I will eat candy.  Did I mention the candy?  I’m pretty excited about that part.

So, see, no one is perfect.  We’re all just reaching for our goals. Maybe by next year I’ll be more evolved.

Have a fun and safe day and, if you live anywhere near me, try your best to not get soaked in freezing cold rain!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve seen recently about people NOT letting their kids have candy on Halloween, or only letting then eat “organic treats”. I’m sorry but that just doesn’t sound like fun at all! And it is only once a year, I think we can all loosen up just a bit (barring any true allergies that is)

    • Exactly! You know that I feel pretty strongly about the real food stuff but some people take life far too seriously!

  2. I loved all the costumes! So cute! My husband has been waiting impatiently for Halloween for over a month. He (being the most health minded in the family) gets very excited that he gets one night a year to go crazy with all his favorite candy. Sadly and I’m not exaggerating…with all the candy the kiddos got- There was NOT ONE single piece of candy in all the bags that was his favorite. Poor guy. I’m tempted to actually go buy him a bag or two.

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