Half a Book in Half a Month


My hope was to be ahead of the curve instead of racing right along at pace but, if you know me at all, you know that I tend to be the one who comes busting in the door for the 10:00 meeting at 9:59 and 59 seconds, breathless and disheveled.  (OK. I confess.  Some days I’m lucky to make an appearance before the meeting adjourns.)  My Nanowrimo experience hasn’t been any different.  Read Part 1 of the journey, here.  Each day I tell myself I’m going to get ahead  so that I can relax just a little but so far I’m racing to keep up and falling into bed completely exhausted.  By brain feels slightly mushy.

Johnny Depp with a slinky

That said, here we are on November 15 – exactly halfway through the month and I am very happy… ecstatic… thrilled… and, yes, more than a little bit proud…. to say that I am currently at 25, 046 words.  Hooray!  I am not ahead of the curve but I am not behind, either.  I’m halfway to 50,000 with half a month to go.

Sweet Hippie Daughter is well on her way too.  I’ve been blown away by her writing!  At 9 years old she has written 4 chapters of a story that is witty and clever and full of surprises and lovable characters.  If I had to lay money on which of us will be a best-selling author first my bet would be with her.

Not-so-Hippie Teenager is keeping her book under tightly under wraps so far but I don’t doubt for a second she’s making good progress.  Creativity pours out of that girl every second of the day.

I mentioned before that my book isn’t much like my blog.  Same ideas – peace & love, man – totally different tone.  If you want to know more, feel free to read on.  It would mean so much to me if you’d let me know what you think and leave a suggestion or two.  Unless you totally hate it.  I’m not ready to hear that just yet.

 nanowrimo facebook cover

“…in ages long past, there was no veil and the inhabitants of the worlds were free to move as they would.  Some had been in their place for age upon age and had no desire to move about.  I’m not even sure they retained the ability to desire at all.  They are The Unchanging. They have stood so close, for so long, to That Which Is that to gaze upon them would be destruction.”

“Even for you?” I asked.

“Yes. For any being unlike themselves,” he shrugged. “They are as they are and ever more will be.  Their function is well served in the Great Scheme.

Others explored, but found the worlds unsatisfactory.  They were not at ease with things outside of the realms in which they were destined to dwell.  These have not actively interacted with man and they never will. It is not their way.

Most of us, however, moved about, between, with comfort and ease and delight.  That Which Is had declared it all Good and we agreed.  Each realm held its own allure, each different from the others and, together, complete.

But some became obsessed with the world of man, which moves in its own way.  There is a slow grace and a solid beauty that is very different from anything that had existed before the age of this world.  Man dwelt in this world and we were amazed that The Image could be reflected, in this new way.”

He lay his hand on my arm and I saw the unfolding of all he had told me and more.  In a time before time, I saw beings of light and movement and energy.  There was a vast brightness, but no color at all.  I saw beings of pure consciousness and beings made entirely of emotion and beings of nothing but sound.  They moved about, among one another in a space more vast than my mind could comprehend.  There were groups of beings that were alike that would move with the harmony I’d seen in a flock of birds, arching together through the sky.  There were beings who would cross paths with one another and extraordinary patterns of sound and light would result.  They could do this over and again for millennia for no reason other than the sheer joy of it.  There were beings that appeared to be massive creatures but, when viewed more closely were actually dozens of smaller entities, moving as one.  No darkness or shadow existed anywhere.  The light came from every angle and every being moved within the light and between the worlds in perfect comfort.

And then, In the midst of all this, I saw a man and a woman.  They were solid and clearly defined, yet their every word and action, indeed their very thoughts, created waves of energy that rippled out from them and moved through all the other, less physical, worlds, even to those most distant heights where only The Unchanging dwelt, singing their unending song.

The man and the woman moved around a fire, preparing a meal.  They were short and heavy-boned, primitive, dirty and very different from modern humans but still clearly human.

The woman glanced at the man.  She felt the tools in her hands and she cherished them, for they were made for her by this man, whom she loved and I watched as her love, a powerful deep blue sea of emotion, poured forth from her into all the realms, wrenching the other beings from their own distractions and drawing their attention. From each being touched by these waves of pure love, new ripples of deep blue were drawn and sent forth, and these touched others until the whole universe… every world in every realm was glowing with the woman’s love, magnified a million times over, through the beings with whom it had come in contact.

The woman bent forward to attend to the fire and the man felt a rush of hot red desire for her.  The desire raced through the worlds creating a split second of chaos in every being that was in its path.  Desire rippled out from them to others in powerful, crushing waves.  He came next to her and touched her and she responded to him.  Man and woman became one flesh, united, and when they cried out their pleasure, the groans echoed through all the realms.  Then, from their union, came new life.

This new life was unlike the new life brought forth by other species.  This life issued forth from the woman with blood and water and, even before its first breath this tiny being was pouring into all of creation its own waves of intention and desire.  The beings of the other realms were enthralled.  No such thing had ever been seen in all the many ages.

The people developed language and their words gave even greater power and shape to the colors that flowed endlessly, effortlessly from them.  Even in its earliest, most rudimentary form, language, spoken with great intent, could draw forth matter and affect change in both the spiritual and physical realms.

Every being that had ever been created stood in awe of Man.  Nothing in the universe – in any of the universes – remained unchanged.  Color and texture filled everything.  What had once shone brightly with the radiant beauty of pure white light was now filled with a rainbow symphony of a thousand colors.

The people, these finite beings who were smaller, weaker, more solid and more defined of form than any that came before them held a power that had never before been seen outside of That Which Is.  They could Imagine and Create just like That Which Is.  Some of the others, having been touched by this power of creation, began to crave it and draw nearer and nearer in the way of moths being drawn toward the warmth and light of a bright flame.  They, too, longed to create, to change, and to affect the universe.  They longed to have flesh that cried out in pleasure and pain.  They desired the warmth of blood in their veins.  They wanted to know hunger and pleasure, sex and death and birth.  They became consumed with their desire… with their envy.  They were no longer content in their place.

Oddly, the people didn’t understand their own power.  As the universe stood in wonder of them, so they bowed in humility to every aspect of the universe.  Every being that strode the earth found humans willing to worship it.  And the others did stride upon the earth with ever-increasing frequency.

They came to the people.  They drew matter to themselves and they ate and drank and made love.  They were worshipped as gods and revered for their knowledge and abilities.  They felt the matter die and knew release from it.  But, after being released, they were changed.  They were something different from what had been created and they could never again become what they had once been.

A new kind of children were born from the union of men and others.  They were children with the power of man, on a lesser scale, but also with the power of others, likewise lessened.  These children, themselves made new children unlike anything created by That Which Is.  They became known as the legends and the myths.  They were giants and fairies, vampires, shape-shifters, centaurs, horned men, water dwellers, winged women, trolls, goblins and more.

The colors, having spread through all the universe, began to become muddled and unclear.  The colors blended and made new shades… both lighter and darker.  In some corners of some realms there was total blackness now.  The Light that Illuminates was no longer reflected there.  It was no longer welcome…

to be continued

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