A Review of GenZ Read Together (Free Trial Offer!)


genzMy family was offered the opportunity to try GenZ Read Together for free through GenZ and US Family Guide.  I admit, I hesitated.  We already have some great reading programs in place for homeschool and a stack of books we want to read for leisure but I’m such a sucker for a good story that I just couldn’t resist.


This is how GenZ describes themselves, and I think it’s wonderfully accurate:

GenZ Read Together (www.genZreadtogether.com) emails wonderful real-life stories and activities each day to parents’ smartphones, tablets or computers. Whether it’s at breakfast, bus stop, or bedtime — GenZ makes it convenient to read about amazing people, places and things.

Created by educators and award-winning children’s writers, stories are written at two levels, for children in grades K-2 and 3-5.  Titles include:

The Atocha (world’s greatest treasure hunter), Captain Sully Saves the Day, The Chilean Miners’ Rescue, Wilt Scores 100 Points!, Owen and Mzee – an Unusual Friendship, The Invention of Velcro, and hundreds more!

Every day my daughter and I have looked forward to see what we get to learn about next. Often, the story comes with an interesting little video clip.  We’ve read about everything from treasure hunting to scientific discoveries and enjoyed every minute.

As homeschoolers, GenZ is a great tool to add to our toolbox but I would absolutely recommend it for others as well.  Every family would benefit from reading these together!

My readers receive a FREE Trial Subscription (no cc required) to GenZ Read Together!

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