The Choir Needs Every Voice


crowdWe all have that little nagging thought in our head at times, “Why am I doing this? Someone else has already written/painted/sewed/cooked/sung/ran/invented this before me.  Why should I go through the trouble to do it as well?”

I’m not talking about those moments when you are overwhelmingly busy or you decide you want to change paths or something truly more important takes precedence over a hobby.  I’m talking about quitting something you love because you feel like you aren’t making a difference.

I’ve seen several people on Facebook lately, voicing this thought.

“I’m thinking I should just buy Christmas cookies from the bakery. They’re better than mine, anyway.”

“I’m not sure I should keep blogging. I don’t have anything original to say and my numbers aren’t growing very quickly.”

“I think I’m going to stop playing my guitar at church. They’d be better off with a CD.”

I would like to take a moment, here in my little corner of the World Wide Web (hehe.  1996 Me, who still lives in my head, is very impressed with herself for having her own little space on the World Wide Web.  But I digress…) to give you a message.  Yes… YOU.  Here it is:


choirImagine the most gorgeous choral music you’ve ever heard.  There are 100 men and women on stage giving the concert of the century.  A gorgeous, complex song is pouring out of these people and into their audience who sits, entranced by the magic of it.

But then one singer walks away. And then another. And another….

Pretty soon you’ve got 3 basses and an alto and it just doesn’t sound right.

Is the song getting sung?

Yes. But it’s not half as lovely.  Some of the parts are missing.  Not as many people are going to listen to it. Those who do aren’t going to be affected in the same powerful way.

So, in your head, now put them all back up there again.  Hear that?  For a little while one soprano is soaring up above the group.  She is the focus of the show and everyone is breathless because it’s so indescribably beautiful. But if not for the other 99 people supporting that solo it would lack depth and context.  And then her solo ends.

Maybe a group of baritones take the lead. There are a whole row of them, singing in unison and it is rich and powerful.  It resonates in your very bones.  But without everyone else it would be too dark and droning.

Do you see?  Every voice is needed.  It might be your turn to sing the solo and be the star or it may be your season to blend in with the chorus.  Even if you always blend in with the chorus and never sing a solo, you are vitally important!

So don’t give up!

If you have a blog post about the importance of breast-feeding just itching to come out… WRITE IT!  Yours won’t be the first or the last. It’s all been said before.  BUT THAT POST WILL BE THE ONLY ONE IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND WRITTEN IN YOUR VOICE.  And maybe… just maybe… YOUR voice is the one that will resonate with that new mom who really needs some encouragement today.

If you enjoy baking your own chocolate chip cookies… BAKE THEM!  Who cares if you don’t bake like Mrs. Fields? Maybe her cookies are too sweet for some people and the person with whom you share yours just LOVES that yours are a little less sugary.  NOBODY ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD WILL MAKE THOSE COOKIES JUST LIKE YOU DO!

If God put a song in your heart and told you to sing it in church… SING IT!

If God gave you feet that want to run races, you lace up your shoes… RUN YOUR RACE!

If God filled you with a passion… FOLLOW IT!

No one else can do what you do in just the way you do it.  The choir needs YOUR voice.  Don’t give up!

 Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

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If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve! 

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  1. Very true Elizabeth, we all need to keep doing what we enjoy doing even if there are millions of others doing the same thing. We are unique in our own ways! This is very encouraging and inspiring, thanks a lot for sharing! And have a super blessed weekend!

  2. You said this beautifully and quite perfectly. Seriously, I have those moments where I will think what more can I share and then all of a sudden I will get an inspiration and just need to write about it. So, I am completely agree with you that the choir does need our voices where blogging is concerned!! 🙂

  3. Steal Like an Artist, a book I’m completely in love with, points out that nothing is original. One passage I love: “A wonderful flaw about human beings is that we’re incapable of making perfect copies. Our failure to copy our heroes is where we discover where our own thing lives. That is how we evolve.” He also quotes the French writer Andre Gide: “Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But, since no one was listening, everything must be said again.”
    I take all of this to mean that we MUST create, even if we feel it isn’t original, and especially if we are moved to do so. I think it’s easier said than done though, and we all need a push/reminder sometimes. Thanks for this post!

  4. This is awesome. It is easy to see little or no value in what you are doing. It’s easy to get tired of doing the same things over and over again when it seems like no one notices but that doesn’t mean your job isn’t important. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Good point. At the end of church, we all sing amen in harmony and I love that each person add their own unique note to that. I like to think that they would miss mine if I weren’t there to sing it. That’s all part of being a community and if you save up that note inside you and don’t share it, you diminish the whole. #SITSSharefest

  6. Loved the reminder. It’s so easy to feel inadequate or unimportant in the blogosphere as well as real life, when we play the comparison game. Trying to remember that being me is just as great as you being you. 🙂

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  8. Somehow we have believed that lie that our efforts are only worthwhile if they have the BEST result.. as in better than anyone else’s. Just not true, love this post. Every endeavor and experience grows us and changes us, so why not walk through the next door and enjoy the journey? (Happy SITS!)

  9. I love this – it’s so easy to give up isn’t it? Staying in the choir even when you think your voice doesn’t matter is so important! (Happy SITS day!)

  10. Great encouragement to stick with it – whatever you are doing, keep on doing it! There will always be that one thing that stands out from among the rest. Stopping by from SITS! Have an enjoyable day!

  11. Thanks for the positive post- we all have something important to say, and we need to share it with the world, if we so desire! We all matter 🙂


  12. This was — in a word — phenomenal…and just what I needed to hear on my birthday, which is today. This inspiring post served as a carpe diem, of sorts that we can make things happen. IF we stick to it.

    Thank you for this share. 🙂

    Stopping by from SITS.

  13. This was wonderful as I could totally relate with singing in the choir. You were in my head as I too have thought, why another blog/blogger and will I say something that has not been said. You have confirmed that those who need to hear my voice shall.

    Thanks and “Happy SITS Day!”

  14. What an amazing viewpoint. I have been there where I felt that my voice would perhaps be the same as all others but you’re so right…each voice is needed to help make the whole better. Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a wonderful SITSDay!

  15. This is great inspiration for me today! I was just commenting about the pressure of trying to plan a Pinterest perfect birthday party for my son, but in the end all he really wants is cake and presents!

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