I’m Sorry Stepped In “It” But Here’s A Good Laugh To Make Up For It

Handsome Hippie Hubby was really getting into the spirit when he read, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."

Handsome Hippie Hubby was really getting into the spirit when he read, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

I hope that this week was a joyous celebration for you!  Our family had a wonderful time.

We ate way too much junk food. Yes, I confess, even GMOs, red dye #40 and HFCS. By Thursday we were all half sick from it.  Apparently you build up a tolerance for these things, like alcohol, and it turns out we are NOT tolerant any more.  I guess that’s good… that we’ve been eating well enough that our bodies no longer want junk. We are back on the clean eating wagon now and beginning to recover from the toxic soup.

It seemed there wasn’t a soul reading blog posts this past week and my mind was in a thousand other places so I didn’t get any new content up, though I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with folks on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Toddler-saurus Rex was one very happy boy on Christmas morning!

Toddler-saurus Rex was one very happy boy on Christmas morning!

That brings me to an interesting conversation I had on Facebook.  I’ve been obsessing over it a little, to be totally truthful.  I get that way every now and then.  It happened like this:

Me:  As a Christmas present will you follow me on Twitter so I can pass the 900 mark? Pleeeeeease?

Awesome interactive follower #1:  I don’t tweet.

Awesome interactive follower #2: Me neither but you can still follow.

Me: All the cool kids are doing it.

AIF #1: Yes, but I am officially a senior (at Beall’s at least)!

AIF #2: Hash tag this hash tag that its not cool kids its just people in a hurry to say blah blah blah.

Me:  Haha! true but advertisers love numbers & this blogger needs a new pair of shoes!

AIF #3: Wouldn’t you prefer people to follow you because they like what you have to say, instead of just having numbers? I know, I know, it’s the advertisers, but still….
That’s when the obsessing began.
Oh, no! I came across as totally selfish!  Did I hurt the feelings of AIF #3, who truly is one of my most awesome, interactive followers?  Did anyone else read the interaction and think that I was viewing them as just a number? What if? What if? What if?  Aaarrgghh!!!
So here it is.  My official media statement in response to my earlier statement. (Hey, if half the population of LA can hold a press conference for crap like this, so can I!)
I adore my followers! I love getting to know them.  I have made some close friends through blogging that I never would have otherwise met.  Some of the people that follow my blog and comment regularly have been with me from the very first days and I value their input immensely. One of my very most favorite things has become “What do you think Wednesday,” because so many people comment and interact.  It is a true joy to me.

Also, I’m trying to make a little money by doing what I love.  That means I have to have numbers. Advertisers love blogs with a loyal following AND big numbers.  Also, on social media, if person A “likes” or “follows” me then, automatically the platform in use will suggest my blog to person A’s friends, person B, C and D.  If person D likes me too then E, F and G see my post pop up.

So… maybe…  person A hits “like” just to be nice and throw me a number and they never read my blog again.  It’s a little sad that they don’t want to be a true part of the community but not every tribe is for every person. However, it may turn out that person G becomes a dear friend.
I never would have reached person G if not for “A’s” action.  
So, yes, I’m always hoping for involved readers.  But I’m happy to take a “like” from (almost) anyone, just to make the ticker turn.  (So if you’d like to help a girl out, feel free to click any of the social media buttons, above.  *wink* )
Of course…. if you took the time to read that whole, long, rambling explanation you are already an Awesome Interactive Follower.  Thanks for that!  I appreciate you more than you know!
Now that I got that off my chest…
I promised you a good laugh and here it is:
Sweet Hippie Daughter is a very dramatic child.  We can always count on her for a great reaction to nearly anything but this one topped them all.  I laughed until I cried! I hope it ends your week with a smile.

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

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If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve! 



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  1. Your video is awesome and definitely produced a chuckle. We completely understand the whole numbers on social media thing. We never worried much about getting our numbers up until recently when we began to try and work with advertisers or doing sponsored posts. Anyways, just wanted to let you know, I completely understand where you are coming from! – Lucy

  2. Your girl was definitely excited!

    I completely understand about the numbers thing. It’s a fine balance between raising numbers for the sake of advertisers and having numbers raised because you have new loyal followers. It’s something I’ve been struggling with also.

  3. I used to say I didn’t care about numbers…. and I still kinda don’t but I do understand numbers mean money and I would like to make some of that blogging LOL Honestly though I much prefer the loyal followers who comment and interact over a sponser…. they have become friends and well that means more to me then money (because I know I will never make a living as a blogger! LOL)

  4. I totally understand the numbers thing too. It is hard not to pay attention to the numbers but I also would love followers that come back over and over. It is a struggle for sure.

  5. I can’t really tell. Did she like the gift or not? 😉 Way to have the camera ready! As to the other stuff, I would obsess and react the exact same way as you. So, of course, since it didn’t happen to me, it’s easy enough for me to say, “Eh, just let it go and don’t worry about it.” 🙂

  6. Money makes the world go round. Numbers make social media work. There’s just no way around those cold, hard facts. It what you do WITH your money and numbers that makes you the person you are!

  7. Haha. Nice to read I’m not the only one out there with the same line of thinking! I love my readers and love engaging with them but I’d eventually like to accept a sponsored post here and there. Without those numbers, it’s next to impossible to wow the advertisers and make them say yes! Sure I can dazzle them with quality writing but if the numbers aren’t there to match that writing, forget it!

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