Fast, Easy, Delicious Tater-Tot Casserole (AKA: Fud)


The Far Side Cat FudIn our house we have two different words for what goes on the dinner table. Most of the time we eat food. This could be soup and sandwiches or steak and potatoes or a nice big salad with bread sticks. You know… food.

But every now and then we eat fud (pronounced like food but in the goofiest, deepest possible voice). Fud has to be served super-hot and usually in a bowl. It’s almost always covered in sauce or cheese and it’s ugly and incredibly delicious. It’s the kind of stuff that those who are familiar see on the table and cheer with joy and those who are not poke it with a fork and say, “What’s in this?”

The term, “fud,” goes back to this Gary Larson cartoon and working with a guy named Doug, who always signed everything, “Dug.” It’s been so long now I honestly have no idea what the connection is between that cartoon, that man (whose voice was neither especially deep nor goofy) and top-quality (but ugly) comfort food.

Of all the different types of fud that exist, Tater-tot Casserole is one of my family’s most favorite.

Obviously, you can make it with whatever brands of ingredients you have on hand but I have found that the combination, below, gets rave reviews from my fellow Hippies.

Next time you need a belly full of warmth, I hope this does the trick for you.

Tater-Tot Casserole:

Quick and Easy Tater-Tot Casserole at Lazy Hippie Mama

1 lb ground beef (Laura’s organic, grass-fed)

1 box/can condensed cream of mushroom soup (Pacific Organic)

2 cups fresh or frozen veggies (my family prefers corn and peas but we’ve also made it with green beans and broccoli and it was still very good)

1/2 bag (1 lb, 12 oz size) of Tater-tots (Alexa All-Natural Crispy Seasoned Potato Puffs)

Brown the beef and drain very well.  Mix it with the veggies (if they are frozen you can leave them frozen, they will heat up just fine in the oven) and the soup and spread it in a pan.  Cover it with a single layer of frozen tater-tots.  Put it in the oven at 350F for about 30 minutes or until the potatoes turn golden.

Quick and Easy Tater Tot Casserole at Lazy Hippie Mama

I told you it was ugly! But I promise it tastes like a bowl full of warm snuggles on a cold day.


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  1. Reminds me of an easy peasy version of shepherds pie (but with a nice little crunch) you could change it up a bit with tomato soup and a dash of worcestershire sauce instead of the cream of mushroom if you wanted to get wild and crazy, every now and again. Thanks for sharing your family’s story about “fud” so cute! We have several dishes that qualify too 🙂

  2. I’m laughing. In our family, food is called schkattat when it qualifies as FUD. I’ve never seen this recipe but it sure looks like something little guys would like.

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