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***My family has or will receive free product from this company for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are honest and my own.***

Little Bean Sprout via Lazy Hippie Mama

Have you heard of Little Bean Sprout?

I just recently learned about them and I’m super excited.  I feel like some clever entrepreneur out there in the big wide somewhere wanted to specifically serve the niche of lazy hippie mamas!

You buy clothes for your kids, right?  And 3 or 4 minutes later they are too small.

So then what?

You can sell them at a rummage sale or consignment store.  Of course, that means perfect laundering and folding, set up or transportation, waiting and hoping someone will buy them and only receiving pennies on the dollar for your initial investment.  After all of that, it’s likely that half of the stuff won’t sell and will end up being donated or tossed in the trash.

You can donate them yourself but, again, that’s loading, driving, dropping off… and still a large portion will end up in the landfill, as most charities do not/can not use everything that comes in and most places have limited access to appropriate textile recycling resources.

Of course, you could dump those perfectly good baby clothes that you paid for in the trash. *wince* Please… of all the options… DON’T pick this one!

Little Bean Sprout offers another option!

Little Bean Sprout via Lazy Hippie Mama

You can buy your child’s new or gently used clothing (up to size 6x/7) from their beautiful, easy-to-navigate website and they will ship them to you.

Keep them as long as you like.  Forever, if you wish, or just for that one special occasion.

When you’re done, put them in the prepaid shipping envelope and plop it in your mailbox.

When they receive it, they will give you either 15% of the original price in shopping credits or 5% Paypal cash, according to your request.

It’s that easy!

You never have to leave the house.  There’s no dragging your unhappy child through a department store, or burning up precious resources driving around town and there are no clothes going into the landfill!  NONE.  Because everything that doesn’t meet Little Bean Sprouts quality control standards for resale is donated to a carefully selected charity that specifically works to get clothing to children in need or is recycled in other ways.

My first shipment from Little Bean Sprout is on the way and I can’t wait to tell you all about our experience!  Toddler-saurus Rex is on pins and needles waiting for his stylish new threads.  Not really.  Mostly he prefers to be butt-naked.  But we live in Michigan, where it there are currently sub-zero temps, and we do occasionally have to interact in polite society so… this Mama is thrilled that he’ll have some stylish new threads.

Lazy Hippie Mama

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

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  1. This is one of those brilliant business ideas that makes you think, “Why on EARTH didn’t I come up with that?” What a great concept for kids clothes. Including a prepaid shipping envelope for the return is sheer genius. Let us know how you like it. It sounds like the perfect solution to quite a few kid-clothing issues… even it it doesn’t convince mr. au natural….

  2. I love this idea. Actually I love any idea that doesn’t require dragging the kids out, especially for clothes shopping. I’m going to check out the website!

  3. I’m with Kim, I wish I thought of it! What a great idea and it really does cut down on work. I tried selling the kids clothes on eBay for a while but that really doesn’t work! I love this!

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