Are You A Homesteader At Heart?


We are a society that dearly loves to label things.  I’ve been thinking, lately, about how to know if you can officially label yourself as a homesteader.  The modern definition of homesteading has become quite fluid but I think it’s safe to say you might be a homesteader (at least in spirit) if….

Are You a Homesteader At Heart?Are You a Homesteader At Heart?1. You’ve ever gone to the Tractor Supply Company in the spring to oh and ah over the little baby chicks and ducks.

2. You know that Tractor Supply Company is full of little baby chicks and ducks in the spring.

3. You’ve seen a stack of pallets on the side of the road and thought, “Do you know what I could build with that?!”

4. You’ve ever stuffed your nose into a stiff, scratchy, line-dried towel, taken a huge sniff and thought, “Ahhhh.  The smell of sunshine!”

5. You know whether or not the worm population in your yard is thriving.

6. You’ve picked food scraps out of the garbage can, while yelling over your shoulder, “how many times have I told you this goes in the compost?”

7. You use the same product as oil for cooking, deodorant and split-end repair for your hair.

8. You consider your grain mill more important than your microwave.

9. You know the difference between Traditional and Tattler lids.


Can you tell what kind of lids these are?

Can you tell what kind of lids these are?

10. Your neighbors get really excited when they see you coming during tomato season.

11. You’re more likely to build a bat-house than spray for mosquitoes.

12. Your mail person gives you dirty looks during seed-catalog delivery season.

Are You A Homesteader At Heart?

13. You’ve ever gotten really excited over a box of Mason jars at a rummage sale.

14. You’re not sure how much a loaf of bread costs because you’re used to making it yourself.

15. You’re surviving this winter by telling yourself things like, “well… it will make for a great sap run.”

Are you a homesteader in your heart? How do you know?

Are You a Homesteader At Heart?

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  1. Great read, living in so cal I don’t think I can qualify as a homesteader BUT number 13 and 14 made me scream in glee 🙂 So who knows lol visiting from SITS girls.

  2. I grew up in the country on a hog farm. We had a garden where we grew the majority of our veggies, which was nice. TSC IS IN my vocabulary…. we would get our feed, chicks and lots of other goodies there! My sister actually dated a guy who worked there for a few years…. so many of these apply. I now live in the city, but still feel a homesteader-at-heart. Great post. Stopping in from #SITSblogging

    • I’m more of an “at-heart” than “in-real-life” homesteader too but edging closer to the real thing with each passing year. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Haha! True! My favorite, though, is when you start talking about the worms to someone who doesn’t get it and they give you “that look.” (WHY is she talking to me about worms?!) LOL

  3. I can relate to some of the list. The chickens are but a dream but I like the dream. We have plans in the future to turn our back porch (huge monstrosity that’s high enough the dog can’t eat the plants) into a partial raised bed garden.

    Living in the middle of the suburbs can be hard on the homesteading heart but we strive as much as we can. =)

    • Yes. We are still in the dreaming about chickens phase of life, too. We sure do love to go fuss over the baby chicks though. They’re just little balls of fluffy adorableness with feet!

    • Homemade bread might just be your gateway “drug!” LOL. Truly, though, how can anyone resist that. Just the smell alone warms the soul on a cold day!

    • We are in the same boat. We do what we can on our little village lot but we look forward to having a bit of land in the country someday.

  4. haha I don’t think I’m a homesteader but I do have pretty strong opinions about composting, and I’ve been known to ooh and ahh over baby chicks. 😉

    • I started composting to be “green” but, I confess, I developed “strong opinions” when I realized how much it cut our trash bill! I’m such a cheap-skate! lol

    • Growing up I thought I wanted to be an urban girl but then I moved to the city and there were way too many people and not nearly enough animals and I realized that wasn’t my home. 😉 I do LOVE to visit though!

  5. I am totally working on it. I was born and bred in the city but I love baking bread and am working on having a successful vegetable garden this year. My husband grew up out west and we plan on buying land and setting up our own self sufficient home so I am learning as much as I can this year. I admit that I am afraid of my pressure canner though.

    • I am afraid of my pressure canner, too. Last year was the first time we gardened in a big way and I hot-water-bathed all of our stuff. I figure we’ll just keep learning/doing a little more each year. That way it’s not so terribly overwhelming.

  6. I can’t totally relate to this list YET! But I can say that I want too…lol. My husband and I just started going to Tractor Supply more often, we just love the atmosphere and I just found out you can bring your pets in. We haven’t been in the spring yet so now u got me really excited. We’re looking to move back into the country within the year. The oil was very funny {probably cause its so true..except I never used it as deodorant didnt know that}.

    Thanks for the laugh…


    • I love Tractor Supply. Other girls can have the shoe store. Give me TSC any day! 😉 Coconut oil deodorant is great! Mix it with a little baking soda and cornstarch and it’ll hook you up just as good as any commercial stuff ever will.

  7. I guess I am not a homesteader, because I didn’t even understand all of those! I’m sure there are lots of people here in Iowa who would get them, though! Thanks for sharing!

    • They really are terribly irresistible! I actually just heard they are legal in Brooklyn so even NYC girls can be homesteaders now! 😉

    • Thanks for loving me, even though we’re different. I think your ultimate purpose has something to do with big, doofy dogs and retro TV. You may need to create a new niche.

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