Monsters Over Manicures – A Monster Jam Review


*** This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own. ***

Sweet Hippie Daughter is just not a pink-tutu-wearing, nail-painting, hair-braiding kind of girl.  She isn’t the kind of girl who wants to spend a special night out getting dressed up and sipping tea like a princess.  She’s a big fan of electric guitars and compound bows and, after last night, Monster Jam’s Grave Digger.

US Family Guide offered to send us to Monster Jam at Huntington Center in Toledo, OH. It was a night when Handsome Hippie Hubby had to work so I knew it would be the perfect opportunity for a girl’s night out. As it turns out it was even more fun than I expected!

We arrived and parked in the SeaGate parking garage.  Normally I wouldn’t include that detail but I love that Huntington Center has such a great set up for their parking. It was only $6 and we were able to walk from our car, through the convention center, across the busy street and right into the arena without going outside in the cold.

Once we were inside we found our seats and enjoyed watching the quad races before the show.  The trucks were parked right below us and SHD loved having the chance to see them all lined up like that.

Monster Jam Review

Monster Jam Review

The show was every bit of the noisy, mud-flinging, bone-rattling fun that the Monster Jam commercials promise.  We were glad to have ear protection!  It started out with the trucks seeing who could get their nose the highest in the air. The jumps were amazing to see!  I confess I did have a moment when I thought about how male dogs will prove their dominance by trying to get their pee-mark higher up the tree than all the other male dogs. Appropriately enough, Mega Bite – a dog-shaped truck – won that part of the contest. (I think. Being fairly clueless about the scoring process I got a little lost.)

monster jam jump

We got to see the Quad War races and the Motorcross riders but, by far, the most exciting part of the night was when the truck the girl had picked as her favorite, Grave Digger, rolled over not once but twice!  After the second time, the truck was done for the night and so was the show but the fun didn’t end there…

Monster Jam Review

All of the drivers were available afterward to sign autographs for their fans. The line was massive and we were certain we would be waiting half the night but the folks in charge kept everything very well organized and efficient and everything moved very quickly.  My girl was THRILLED to have the chance to say hello to all of them and get her souvenir signed.  Oh…. and a note on the souvenirs… the last big family event we went to left me with jaw-dropping sticker shock. I wouldn’t say the stuff at Monster Jam was a great bargain, but you could get some really fun items for $10-30 as well as more elaborate keepsakes in a higher price range.  For this mama who doesn’t have a ton of cash to spare, the chance to buy my child something “signable” without breaking the bank meant a lot.

Monster Jam Autographs

A great girl’s night out?  Absolutely! This is an event that is definitely fun for the whole family!

Monster Jam will be in town all weekend and you can still save $5 on tickets using code: TRUCK. Get your tickets today.

Valid on Saturday 2 PM & 7:30 PM performances and Sunday 2 PM performance. Not valid on Front Row, Gold Circle tickets. No double discounts. Service charges, handling and facility fees may apply.


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  1. I have been dying to take my son to a monster truck show for a really long time. You have sold me. Definitely going to check out the next one to come to Baltimore.

  2. I desp want to go to a Monster Truck show and we have them in SA a lot.. i just wonder how bad are the fumes? I can handle the noise but what about the fumes? Connecting from SITS 😉 Spring Fling!

    • Well… we were RIGHT behind the place where they parked/started the trucks. It wasn’t overwhelming to me but it was definitely stinky and my friend said if she had asthma or another breathing condition she would have wanted a mask. Maybe if you were on the other end of the arena or in a bigger arena it might have been a little better.

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