A Different Kind of Storybook For Early Readers – Bird and Butterfly


I was contacted by Dr. Amanda Stanford who asked if I would be willing to review a new book for very young children that was written in a different way. I was intrigued and agreed.  The book, Bird And Butterfly, came and I flipped through it and knew right away that I wanted to share it with Toddler-saurus Rex to see how he reacted.

The main difference in the book is that all of the text is kept entirely separate from the illustrations allowing children to focus, individually on each aspect.

After you read this statement and get the idea in your mind, you have the treat of turning the page to see the stunning illustrations by Kitty Van Oosten.  I LOVED that these pictures weren’t “cartoonish.”  They were gorgeous, artistic creations that T-Rex and I would both really look at for a long moment before turning the page.  Often he would comment, “there he goes!” or “He’s chasing him!”  Which let me know that he was making the connection between the words I had read to him and the picture we were looking at.

A Different Kind of Storybook - A Bird and Butterfly ReviewThese books have been endorsed by Dr. Robert Titzer, creator of Your Baby Can Read and I can see why. They truly show, in a more obvious way than traditional children’s books, the connections between the words and the story.

Dr. Stanford now has several books available.  If you would like more information, please visit her website, The Reworked Press.

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  1. What an amazingly simple (yet innovative) idea! I like the idea of anticipating what the illustration will look like (:

  2. That’s super interesting! I had to sit there and think about it for a minute, but it really makes sense. I think about business meetings/conferences and how it’s a big no-no to hand out notes/worksheets before or during a meeting because then people don’t listen, they look at the paper. It’s a little bit like that–anyone would rather look at the pictures than words, so this really is a great idea! 🙂 Passing it along to my cousin who’s a Dr./school psychologist (and also has a toddler)–I think she’ll find it interesting.

    – Brooke –

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