Every New Home Owner (or Homesteader) Should…


Every New Homeowner (Or Homesteader) Should...It’s big news. You may have heard. I imagine it will be trending on Twitter any day now.  The Hippie Family bought a house!

Seriously, if you haven’t read the story of how this happened you should. It’s a good one!

As is often the case in times like this, life is pretty much revolving around The Move.  When we’re at the old house we’re packing. When we’re at the new house we’re getting things ready. When we’re out and about we’re either shopping for some item we need, talking about what we need to do or feeling slightly guilty for not being at either house taking care of one of the zillion projects we have to get done in the next 4 weeks.

We’re looking at this not just as a home, but as a homestead. That means that, in addition to moving house, since it is already well into the spring season, there are massive amounts of chores that need to be done outdoors. The window is just now opening here in the Frozen North to get all of the springtime work done. If we wait until after we move to do it we will have missed it and we’ll have to wait a whole year.

Dig little Hippies! Dig like the wind!

Dig, little Hippies! Dig like the wind!

We are super excited and having lots of fun but I’d be lying if we said there isn’t just a touch of nervousness as well.  We both feel like this house was a gift from God. That said… you know… when much is given, much is expected.

If I’ve learned anything in my thirt…uh… twenty nine years of life on this earth it’s that I need to listen when those with more knowledge and experience try to tell me something. Not just listen, but actively seek out their wisdom.

So on this What Do You Think? Wednesday, with my brain on setting up house and home, my question for you is this:

What is the best piece of advice you have for first-time home owners/ homesteaders?

The garden is tilled! Thanks Be for good friends with good tractors!
The garden is tilled! Thanks Be for good friends with good tractors!

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

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If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve! 

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  1. Start small….. don’t bite off more then you SHOULD chew. While you want a big garden and to can, if you have never done it before, make the first year a test in a smaller area then you would so if/when if fails your heart isn’t so broken. And if it succeeds it will look amazing over flowing the smaller area! LOL Read, read, read and befriend those who have already done. They are a great source of info. Don’t get a bunch of livestock right away. Start small and build so you can give the care and attention to each species. KNOW you critters, handle them…… you will be able to tell if they are sick and injured by how they act. Hmmm I could go on but I need to go let my chickens out of the coop 🙂

    • The animals… yes… I feel very much like I have more than enough living things to take care of for now. Maybe next spring we’ll add a few more. For now, I’m good.

  2. I agree with Mindie. Take it slow so you don’t have a ton of unfinished projects stressing you out. You’ve already got those banging boots and the right mindset. Have a great time 🙂

    • Well… to be honest… the whole, “ton of unfinished projects” is just kind of how I live my life. LOL. I know what you are saying, though. I’ll try to keep it under control! 😉

  3. “Dig like the wind?” Shouldn’t that be “erode like the wind?”
    My advice is if you have one piece of insulation in your attic that is a different brand than the rest, peel it back to see why. The previous owners could be hiding a growing roof leak. FYI-this is best done before you actually purchase the house…

    • Haha! That one piece of insulation will be stuck in your mind when you are 100 years old and can’t remember your own name.

  4. Elizabeth, I’ve resided in both the lower peninsula and now the U.P. of Michigan. Depending on where you live, will depend on how soon you could actually start a garden outside. Yes, start small and gradually add to that garden each year. This is what I did and am so glad that I started small and have worked my way into larger raised beds and adding fruit trees and berry bushes. As for the house itself, write down what is wrong — septic, well, leaks, etc. Then code then as needing to be repaired ASAP or if it can wait while something more urgent needs repair. When I purchased this place, I did one major thing a year. First year – new septic (was told it was 500 gallon drum, it was two 55 gallon rusted out drums). Needless to say, for this one, I had to go to court and the previous owner had to pay for 1/2 the cost. Second year – updated electrical; third year – new roof; fourth year – new furnace; fifth year – new water heater. I have not had any more major projects. Was given additional insulation from someone with leftover insulation and used that to add more to the attic. I have plenty up there, but I figured the more insulation, the better.

  5. Most likely you have a huge wish list. Sit down and write them all down, then prioritize them. Make sure you have no more than 3 real projects going at a time. Feel free to reevaluate the order or priority any time but just make sure that you can finish each one so be specific. Don’t say I want animals, say I want 3 pigs or 1 dairy cow. Then see the project through. Good luck and congratulations!

  6. I’ll say the same thing to you as I say to friends before their wedding day: Expect things to not all go perfectly to plan. That way, when you experience a hiccup, it won’t bring you down. You knew it was bound to happen. So just be as organized as you can, and then don’t stress it. In the end, it will all get done in some form or fashion. Enjoy yourselves.

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