You Can’t Say That! (Part 1)


Each year the Intellectual Freedom of The American Library Association declares one week, “Banned Book Week.”  This year it runs from September 21-27.  You may not think that such a thing is necessary here in the Land Of The Free, but the reality is that even in this day and age books as varied as Harry Potter to the Webster’s-Miriam Dictionary face banning and censorship. Further, while very conservative religious groups often take the blame, the data shows that book banning happens in every state – both conservative, and liberal. Such actions have been initiated by groups ranging from Westboro Baptist to the NAACP.

In this time and place in history, most commonly, censorship appears as a human rights issue. “We shouldn’t allow people to read that because it will stir up hatred against a particular people group, already struggling.”  Sadly, even in a nation where we claim to have freedom of speech, this practice has been held up by the US Supreme Court.

Why would a peace-loving hippie be in favor of a book full of hatred?

I’m not. But I am absolutely in favor of the free, unrestricted exchange of ideas.  I truly believe, with all of me, that only in allowing EVERY person an equal voice will we ever continue to grow and flourish and, in time, come to understand one another in a way that moves beyond hate.

Therefore, in honor of Banned Book Week, I give you 10 powerful quotes about censorship.

You Can't Say That! (Part 1) -


You Can't Say That! (Part 1) -

You Can't Say That! (Part 1) -


You Can't Say That! (Part 1) -


You Can't Say That! (Part 1) -


You Can't Say That! (Part 1) -


You Can't Say That! (Part 1) -


You Can't Say That! (Part 1) -


You Can't Say That! (Part 1) -


You Can't Say That! (Part 1) -


Come back later this week when I’ll share 10 banned books I highly recommend.

For more information about Banned Books Week, please visit their website. It’s full of wonderful information and articles!

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