Stolen Woman – A Book Review


Stolen Woman by Kimberly RaeWhat would you risk? That’s the question posed on the cover of Kimberly Rae’s book, Lost Woman.

If you met a 16 year old girl who was being sold by human traffickers and she was begging for your help, what would you be willing to do to save her?

Ms. Rae sent me a copy of her book for review and I am so happy for the opportunity to share it with you. You should read this! If you are part of a women’s book club they should read it, too – and discuss it at great length. If you have a teenage daughter she really needs to read it.

In many ways I very strongly related to the main character, Asha. She is a young woman who has lived in America for as long as she can remember. One year over summer break from college she has the opportunity to travel to India as a short-term missionary. It is there that she learns a horrifying reality that too much of the world remains silent about. Millions of people, primarily women and children, are stolen from their lives and sold as slaves every year.

When Asha gets to know one of these women she learns some of the horror of what the girls face as well as how difficult and dangerous it is to try to help them escape from the life they’ve been forced in to.

This issue is one that is dear to my heart and one I’ve written about on this blog before (here) so, of course I was thrilled to learn that a talented author had written such a captivating story that helps to raise awareness. This extraordinarily serious problem will never be solved if no one is willing to talk about it!

In addition, though, I found Asha so very relatable! Like her, I grew up in a Christian home, surrounded by Christian people and attended a Christian college. As a young person I had not had a great deal of exposure to cultures or belief systems beyond my own and when I first went into the wider world and saw what was outside my previous little bubble of existence I, like Asha, had something of a crisis of faith. Why would God allow something like this to happen? How can people who call themselves Christian turn a blind eye? What can one young woman do to make things right?

I so hope that you will find time to read this book and buy a second copy to share! It would make a great Christmas present for an avid reader. I’m certain that you will enjoy it and be challenged by it as much as I was!

Stolen Woman is available on Amazon. This is not an affiliate link, I just wanted to give you an easy way to get a copy for yourself. Happy reading!


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  1. oh wow…what a book, I love the questions you asked at the end of your post-truly thought provoking. I think I may have to check this out, but so scared. Thanks for linking up.

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