Dashing Toward Consistency


Happy New Year!

The past 12 months were a total whirlwind for the Hippie family. I’m sure I’ve had crazy years in the past but I honestly can’t remember one that ever swept me along like 2014 did. We bought our lovely little homestead and moved into a whole new lifestyle. From our hastily planted garden plus the fruit and nut trees in our yard we harvested nearly 900 pounds of fruits, nuts and veggies and managed to eat or preserve probably 75% of that despite not really having the proper equipment yet. FOURTEEN new animal friends of the furry, feathered and shelled varieties entered our family through our choices and theirs. We lost both my father and one of my husband’s close aunts. We celebrated the birth of at least ten precious new babies. I finished my first book, tried to find an agent, halfway succeeded (that’s a story for another day), wrote TWO sequels, embarked on a re-write of the whole trilogy and kept up this blog… more often than not. We started our own home-based business. Sweet Hippie Daughter took on three new musical instruments and Toddler-saurus Rex taught himself to speak Korean. Or, well, at least as much Korean as is in Gangnam Style.

All of that was just what we did in addition to “normal life.” You know, homeschooling, working, committees, church, etc.

A week or two ago I found myself in tears asking my ladies book study group to pray for me because I was just SO TIRED. I think they must have followed through because, despite the holidays (because of them?) I actually feel like I’m entering the new year more rested and refreshed than I’ve been in a long time.

So, relaxed and full of dreams, Handsome Hippie Hubby, Sweet Hippie Daughter and I sat down together last night and had a meeting. (The big kids are with their mom during the school year and T-Rex was busy hanging upside down from the recliner and playing with his new Olaf doll.) All that has happened in the previous twelve months has left us starting the new year at a crossroads. We can choose to move ahead boldly into some big adventures that could yield extraordinary, life-changing results or we could make a conscious decision to set those things aside and have a quiet year of living on our pretty little hobby farm.

Dashing Toward Consistency | LazyHippieMama.com

If you know us or have followed LHM on social media even a little you can guess what we chose.

Bring it, 2015! We’re all over this like stink on poop.

I know. I’m a toughie. I like to think I looked like this at the end of the meeting:

Dashing Toward Consistency | LazyHippieMama.com

But the reality is the three of us probably looked more like this:

Dashing Toward Consistency | LazyHippieMama.com

Either way, our decision was clear and unanimous. We will embrace adventure and open our arms wide to seeing what life will bring. It’s possible that 2015 will be The Year of Spectacular Failure. We’ll never know if we don’t try, though!

Dashing Toward Consistency | LazyHippieMama.com

In that spirit (and because we’d prefer our adventures to end in success, if possible) we settled on CONSISTENT as our word of the year. When we are feeling too tired to carry on we’ll remind each other to be consistent. When it seems like no results are coming we’ll remember that being consistent is key. When we feel like we’ve done enough for a while and start to think about coasting along we’ll choose, instead, to remain consistent.

We see ahead of us a wondrous journey of 1,000 miles. Maybe we’ll reach the end and maybe we’ll end up somewhere else but if we never fail to put one foot in front of the other, day after day, we’re sure to move forward and no doubt experience some fabulous scenery along the way.

I am honored and humbled and blessed by each and every one of you who come into this space with me and I am so looking forward to sharing the coming year with you. In the spirit of consistency I am going to start the year off with a 30 day blog challenge. I hope that what you read touches your heart, inspires you, lifts you up and makes you smile.

Do you have a word of the year? Any big ideas? What are you dreaming of, for the coming months?I would love to hear about your goals, resolutions, plans, desires and thoughts about this year!

May 2015 be all you hope for and so much more! See you on the other side of midnight…

Dashing Toward Consistency | LazyHippieMama.com


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  1. I tried a new job and publishing a book in 2014. I would say that I failed spectacularly at the job. It is still early, but the book does not feel like a failure at all. Can’t wait to polish up the next 2 books in the series in 2015.

  2. My goodness… What a year you have had. I’m so truly sorry for your loss… and incredibly happy for your harvest (that’s something to feel very proud of!) Sounds as though you have a lot of incredibly exciting things happening in the New Year–and you’re absolutely right. Without risk there is no great reward and sometimes we have to dive headfirst into things that terrify us. I have a good feeling for you, too ๐Ÿ™‚ XOXO and happiest of New Years to you and your sweet hippie family ๐Ÿ™‚

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