I Am An Author


downloadI am an author! A real, honest-to-goodness author of an actual novel. It’s nearly 100,000 words long and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of anything I’ve ever done (you know… vocationally. Kids, etc don’t count).

It’s not actually a PUBLISHED novel. Yet.

I’ve spent 2 1/2 years of my life crafting this work and, one way or another, I am determined to see that bad boy in print! I would absolutely LOVE for you to come over to my new author page and say hello. Sign up for email updates and you’ll know all the details about how to get your hands on what could, potentially, someday, be a VERY valuable first edition copy of my book.

In other news…

I know I’ve been totally absent from the blog lately. There’s a number of reasons but, really, I think it just boiled down to me trying to figure out what my priorities are and what I wanted to write and why and how often.

I didn’t actually get all the answers to those questions, but I figured a few things out. Pretty much, that’s been the story of the past three years or so of my life. “I didn’t get all the answers, but I figured a few things out.”

If success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal I’m doing all right.

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

Why not follow LazyHippieMama on Twitter or Facebook to get all the updates.

If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve!

Visit my author page for all the latest info on the Heaven And Earth Series!



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