A Prayer on September, 11 – May We Never Forget


Father God,

For the people in this nation, life changed fourteen years ago. Peace that we took for granted was stripped from us. People we loved and respected were suddenly gone. Where we had always perceived ourselves as strong, we suddenly felt weak and vulnerable and uncertain.

On that day we rallied. We showed the best of ourselves. So many of us fell before you and prayed. We prayed for the victims, for the rescuers, for those who lost loved ones and for the future. We checked on our neighbors and hugged our family a little tighter.

But then we let fear take over, though you have told us time and again to “fear not.”

We sought out vengeance, though you told us that such business was yours and not ours.

We decided that we could stop this from happening by stamping out a certain mindset. But how can we wage war against the thoughts of a man’s heart when only you know what those thoughts truly are?

In our thirst for justice without mercy we have hurt and killed the innocent.

Forgive us for our pride, our arrogance, and our failure to stand strong in faith, instead of being manipulated by the demons of fear.

Unite us again. Help us to, once again, comfort those who mourn, aid those who are hurting, and care for those who have suffered loss.

Help us to focus on loving our neighbor.

And our enemy.

Especially our enemy.

May we never forget that it was hatred and fear that provoked these attacks.

May we never forget how good it felt to join together in love.

May we never forget to pray every single day the way we prayed that day.

May we never forget to rejoice in the salvation of a single person the way we rejoiced when we saw just one person pulled from the rubble.

May we never forget that millions of people live in that kind of fear every day of their lives and it is our privilege and responsibility to help them through sharing our time, treasures, and talents, and surrounding them in prayer.

May we never forget that, even when things seem confusing and overwhelming, you are infinitely bigger than our biggest problem and your hand is always on us.

May we never forget that every human kingdom is temporary but the Kingdom Of God is eternal.

Let it be.


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