The Day I Embraced “Feminism”


I’ve always had a great deal of respect for “girl power.” I was raised by a single mom who was absolutely fierce when it came to making sure her family was cared for. My sisters are strong, successful women. I’m mentored in business by a lovely lady half my age who I watched stand on stage and hold a crowd of thousands in the palm of her hand.

votes-for-womenWomen are awesome!

But I never considered myself a feminist. I just didn’t see the point. This is 2016, after all. It’s not like I can’t vote or own land, for goodness sake. And I love when my husband chivalrously holds the door or carries the nasty bags of trash to the curb for me.

And then…

I was driving down the road with Sweet Hippie Daughter who is eleven years old and one of the most 20160224_211102powerfully individual, strong-willed little girls I’ve ever known. I learn from her daily.

As we drove, someone made a bit of a bonehead move and she said, “Oh! That guy is being so crazy! Well… I guess it could be a girl but, you know, whenever I just think of a ‘person’ it’s definitely a man.”

Hold on.

Stop the train!

The definition of “a person” inside my daughter’s head is a man?

After sitting there, gobsmacked, for a moment, I asked her, “Why do you think that is? What does that tell you about society?”

Without missing a beat, she answered, “In America you just have more… you know… more… you know… if you’re a man.”

More power.

More voice.

More status.


And the logical extension is that women are ‘less.’

You can bet your last dollar I’ll be calling myself a feminist from now on. I refuse to stand by and watch my intelligent, creative, strong-willed, athletic, humorous, passionate, loving little girl grow up feeling like she is somehow LESS than half the population of the world.

Do you make a stand for women? Please share your ideas as to how we can overcome a problem so subtle that it creeps into the subconscious mind of a child and makes them feel less.

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

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If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve!

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About Elizabeth in MI

I'm a married mama with 2 beautiful step children, 2 from my own belly, and the best husband in the universe! I work part time at my church as a secretary and youth director and I truly enjoy 3 hour naps and reading fiction beneath my education level. Write me a note, any time at I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Great post and a reminder why we need feminism – for our daughters, and sons. I have been celebrating International Women’s Day this week by posting daily about a book that helps explain women’s place in the world. It’s a day worth celebrating and I just like to bang the drum any way I can! Bronte

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