Control (A Five Minute Friday Post)


This post is part of the Five Minute Friday link-up. The idea is to write, completely unedited for five minutes. Here’s what popped out of my mind, today:



I never thought of my self as a control freak, but it turns out I really am. I want things a certain way in a certain time and, when it doesn’t work out, it throws of my fabulous Zen in a serious way.

If God has been teaching me one single lesson in these past two years it is this:

I can only control my own actions.

Yes. It took me forty years and 75k in college debt to figure that out. I don’t always run as fast as the other kids, but I get to the park eventually.

Here’s the deal: I can’t control the outcome of anything. Not anything.

I can’t control if my children will grow up to be kind, loving, productive members of society. I can’t control if an editor loves my brand of speculative fiction. I can’t control the weather on days when I’m scheduled to do a chalk event. I can’t control how many clients decide to shop from my business.


I can control my own actions.

I can teach my children, and love them, and model for them. I can write my best work and submit it carefully. I can put in the work to reach new clients each and every day.

Will I always succeed?


Because success is forward progress, and if I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing, living my life based on my values and not convenience or the desires of those around me, then I can’t help but progress.

As for the outcomes? Well, I’m learning to have faith that when you put your best self into the universe, the universe gives you really great returns. Not always the returns you think you want… not usually the returns you think you want… but something even better.

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

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If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve!

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  1. It’s taken me a while to learn this lesson too! So true that while there are certain things we can do to work towards the outcomes we hope for, we really have very little control. We just have to trust that God is ultimately in charge even if everything doesn’t work out exactly as we want. Visiting from FMF #41.

  2. This is really good. Success is forward progress. I love that. As long as we re moving forward, pursuing our dreams, loving ourselves and others, we are making progress. Linked up at #19 this week.

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