Using Up The Cherry Tomatoes |

Using Up The Cherry Tomatoes

We were drowning in them this year, but I finally figured out what to do with all those tiny tomatoes!

90 Days On The Homestead |

90 Days on the Homestead

A glimpse of how we spent our first summer on the farm.


30 Days on the Homestead

A look back at the first 30 days on our first real (well…. sort of) farm.


There’s No Such Thing As GMO Popcorn and Other Things You Should Know

Sometimes the world of GMOs and organics can be confusing and overwhelming. Here’s a quick and simple breakdown of some of the most important things you need to know.

The finished product! Now to wait for the peas to grow...

Re-Purposing An Old Crib

What to do when your baby outgrows the crib? Put it in the garden, of course!


Setting Up The Homestead

A look at what’s going on as we get settled in to the new place.


Should All People Have The “Right To Farm?”

A look at recent changes to Michigan’s “Right To Farm” law.

One very happy Hippie family!

We Bought The Farm – A Story of Dreams Coming True

You’ll never believe the story of how we came to own our own little homestead!

Composting 101 |

Composting 101

There are some very interesting, complex ways to compost. It can be a science and an art form. But if you’re just looking for the basics here’s where you’ll find it.


10 Reasons To Get Kids In The Garden

I truly believe there are few places more beneficial for a child to be.


DIY Toddler Swing From Recycled Materials

Things don’t always go as planned but all’s well that ends well!


What I Learned About GMOs from 9 Farmers, A Monsanto Employee & A Whole Bunch of Reading

If GMOs are so bad, why would any intelligent person plant them? I went on a search to find their reasons.


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