Every so often, a generous blogosphere peer bestows upon me an award and all the honors and benefits that go along with it.

Honors and benefits!  Already, at the age of 35!

Every time this happens, I get ridiculously excited.  It’s like a little taste of Christmas morning except it can strike any day of the week at any time.  I’m just deleting junk mail and sorting online bill notices out of my inbox when suddenly…..  SURPRISE! YOU’VE BEEN NOMINATED!   Well, heck!  That is a WAY better message than “your car insurance payment is past due.”  Like… infinitely better!

When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure that anyone, except those friends and family close enough to me to feel coerced, would ever read it.  But it turns out that people have found their way to the Lazy Hippie Mama and some of them actually enjoy it.    So… without further ado… here are my beloved awards:

So there it is.  A million thanks to those who shared these with me.  I encourage you to click on them and take a few moments to enjoy the musings of those I passed them on to.  There are some truly amazing writers out there!


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