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John Tesh Makes Me Giggle


I don’t know a whole lot about John Tesh.  I know that he’s a gifted piano player.  I have vague memories of him on as a tv show host when I was a little girl.

I looked him up on Wikipedia before I wrote this.  Apparently, acccording to many, he’s a magical alien communicating with Others through his music.  There is even a National Anti Tesh Action Agency (or something like that).  I had no idea.  But it may explain a few things.


It seems every time I turn on the radio in the car I hear a bit of “Intelligence for your life” from John Tesh.  These, almost invariably, are tidbits of information regarding various ways that you are going to contract horrible diseases, alienate (no pun intended)  everyone near to you or disfigure yourself.  I think they are intended to be helpful.  Mostly I find them depressing.  (Maybe the Evil Alien Puppet Masters own stock in Zoloft.)

But one night he took it to a whole new level.  He announced, to some 14 million listeners (I got that number from the aforementioned wikki lookup) that

“People who eat a lot of red meat are 10% more likely to die.”

There was no second half to this statement.  Something like, “before the age of 40.” Or, “from heart disease.”  That was the whole thing.

Well!  Nuts!  I had no idea that the road to immortality lie in avoiding red meat! Thank goodness I’m going veggie this week!    Apparently now there is a tiny chance that I’m going to live forever!

Wait! It get’s better!  Just this morning a fellow coffee-lover shared this link with me.  It would seem that coffee drinkers are six times less likely to die.

Ah ha!  I LOVE COFFEE! I think, for my 200th birthday, I’d like a cruise around the world.  And then when I turn 500, maybe a tour of the newest Mars base.  Of course, by then we might all have to be living on Mars.  Especially if we don’t take a little better care of our pretty blue planet.

Blue is so much more flattering to me than red.  Please do your part today to save earth so that those of us substituting coffee for meat can enjoy it ad infinitum.

You scoff?  Perhaps you are right.  Maybe this is all an evil alien plot against the American beef industry.  But even so, I’m rather fond of this earth.  I think she’s pretty and helpful and quite a pleasant place to live.  I’d love for my grandchildren (to the nth degree) to experience her beauty. I hope that we are being good stewards and teaching our children well so that Earth will still be here in 500 years… or 5,000… or… you know.

The reality is that none of us know how long we’ll be here.  No matter how healthy our choices.  But today we are here. So today we should love one another with abandon.  Today we should take time to appreciate the beautiful world.  Today we should enjoy some wonderful music.  After all… you never know how other-worldly it may be.

Enjoy your day!